This motivational poster is pro-Hakkaku and pro-Ginta with a few hints of pro-Sesshoumaru, pro-Shuran, pro-Inuyasha, pro-Hakkaku x Karan or HakKar and pro-Ginta x Shunran or GinShun moments. This is also highly, and I mean highly, anti-Kouga. So, sit back, relax, and sit in for a spell of who can make greater friends for Hakkaku and Ginta rather than that bluffing loser Kouga.

Back when I was a thirteen-year-old seventh grader, I always saw Hakkaku and Ginta as just those two guys who were part of Kouga’s posse. However, as I grew up with every re-watch of Inuyasha and Inuyasha: The Final Act, a thought sprung up from my brain regarding Hakkaku and Ginta. I did enjoy their interpersonal shenanigans due to how entertaining and fun they were as characters, but I felt more sorry for them because they were nothing more than Kouga’s followers, even though they believed in Inuyasha’s strength, skill, and combat prowess, which were the traits Kouga constantly scoffed on. It also did not help matters that they still followed Kouga after his jewel shards were taken off and did not buck up to join Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and the rest for one more go at taking down Naraku once and for all.

I have been making my thoughts about Kouga plenty clear, as he is a Karma Houdini who got away with murder, a huge bluffer who only relied on the Shikon Jewel’s power to accelerate his own strength and speed without even being strong on his own standards, a coward who is all talk and no action considering that he did not live up to his duty of avenging his fallen comrades, and a bully who scoffs at Inuyasha for being more inferior than him, when in reality, everything mentioned about Kouga is what has made him a truly weak individual. This even extends to not being a great friend to Hakkaku and Ginta, as they would end up being nothing more than Kouga’s posse and were just nimrods who could not even stand up for themselves let alone prove themselves to be strong fighters, even though they do possess natural strength and combat prowess.

The more I watch Hakkaku and Ginta blurt on about how great they think Kouga is, the more I want to jump at the screen to remind them that Kouga is a lousy friend who was not there to protect them and are just nothing more than pathetic wingmen for him to hook up with Kagome. Ergo, they truly deserve to have a better friend and comrade than Kouga, as the alternatives can bring out the best in these two wolf yokai brothers.

Step forward Sesshoumaru, Shuran, and Inuyasha to be their greatest friends and Karan and Shunran to be their lady loves.

As a proud HakKar and GinShun shipper, Hakkaku and Ginta would definitely bring a lot of joy, protection, and unconditional love into Karan’s and Shunran’s lives and Karan and Shunran would be able to bring in a lot of life and spice in their relationships with Hakkaku and Ginta. I already made it plenty clear, but in a nutshell, I cannot go wrong with HakKar and GinShun in the slightest because of how interesting these two pairings are.

In terms of Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s friendship with the dog yokai brothers Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha and the panther deva Shuran, this is how each of them would work.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha would definitely be the role models in Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s lives for how strong, formidable, determined, and courageous they truly are. One defining facet both Hakkaku and Ginta would enjoy is how Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha make it their endeavor to never, ever back down from a fight, prove their worth, and embrace every challenge with open arms. The dog yokai brothers and the wolf yokai brothers would definitely make a most formidable alliance and even a nice friendship, given how Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha can aid Hakkaku and Ginta be more open to new challenges and tackle them without hesitation and Hakkaku and Ginta look up to both Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha like their older brothers from other mothers and would be completely and utterly indebted to them.

Shuran would indubitably do a whole world of good in Hakkaku’s and Ginta’s lives as the big guy with a big personality and an equally big heart. On the surface, Shuran may be a hulking, bulging brute of a fighter who unleashes his powerful lightning attacks. However, Hakkaku and Ginta would be able to soften him up and see a protective soul who is extremely willing to fight for those he loves and feels a connection to. Shuran would even inspire them to be stronger as people, never settle for just blending in the crowd, and be their own people. Therefore, Shuran would find something incredibly strong in both Hakkaku and Ginta and Hakkaku and Ginta would easily find something warm and cuddly in Shuran, thus making the firmest of best friends for life.

In conclusion, it really does say something when Hakkaku and Ginta deserve truer friends and great life partners who will stick by them, help them be their own people, and not just end up as their posse. Kouga is far from the great friend Hakkaku and Ginta will ever have, but they do not need to fret. Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s brand of determination and courage as well as Shuran’s brand of strength, loyalty, and lovability would be able to be great alternatives to give these two wolf brothers a firmer-binding friendship for life.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, everybody.

Hakkaku and Ginta from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

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