Wanna talk about crazy schedules?

After this weekends’ EFAP and the marathon of Predator movies to prepare, I feel into a bit of an anxiety pit and time got really, really tight.

I started the script for this review 25 hours ago.

It’s been a wild work day, lemmie tell ya.

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1 thought on “Leprechaun Returns Movie Review

  1. Love that little interlude in the middle about Youtubers. Granted, there IS a legit place for “If you liked this video, like, comment, and subscribe”, but some do go a bit far with it.
    14:20 Andy would have been in this movie longer, but he had to split.
    Jason Lives is pretty much where the Friday the 13th series started degenerating into self-parody, though the Alice Cooper song (“The Man Behind the Mask”) was cool.

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