Which fighting game mentor would be appropriate for Ayame to train with on a ritualistic basis?

A. Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
B. Cammy White (Street Fighter)
C. Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)
D. Nina Williams (Tekken)
E. Jun Kazama (Tekken)
F. Mary “Blue Mary” Ryan (King of Fighters)
G. Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)

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2 thoughts on “Ayame’s Fighting Game Mentor Survey

  1. In an attempt to give this out-of-context survey (and without any explanation as to who Ayame is for non-Inuyasha fans, that’s what this is, something completely out of context) some context, here’s a link.

    Anyway, given her stated abilities, I’m not sure if any of those fighting game characters would be up to the task of being a mentor for her. From the FANDOM wiki:

    Powers & Abilities

    Whirlwind: Like Kōga’s, Ayame can generate whirlwinds of air and green leaves and build it up until her whole body is engulfed in a cyclone.
    Speed: Ayame had the ability to run at high speeds, but not as fast as Kōga.
    Agility: Ayame is very light on her feet and can leap incredibly large distances.
    Senses: Ayame can sense like other demons.
    Whirlwind of Leaves: Ayame pounds the ground with her fist, summoning a multitude of green leaves that swirl around her and can knock back or kill demons.


    Iris: Ayame possesses a mystical iris blossom, a plant believed to have the power of purification and only used it to stab a discarded hair demon. She often wore it in her left pigtail.
    Cutting Leaves: Ayame carries with her an unlimited supply of sharp green leaves. She uses them as shuriken, and they are able to slice through demons.
    Sword: Ayame has a sword.

    I’m not sure — it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything Street Fighter related, but as good as Chun Li and Cammy are, I’m not sure they’re in the same league as someone with the abilities described above.

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