Dedication, determination, drive, fortitude, courage, hope, and compassion are the traits that have always kept me alive from birth until now. My grandpa and my mentors always told me that what always made me beautiful inside and out are just how brave I am to stand on my own two feet, fight for what I believe in, and show perseverance even situations go dire. Plus, my parents-in-law always believed that I could be somebody a whole lot more than just a Wolf Yokai Warrior Princess but a Warrior Queen who will stand by her family and the people she loves. As a child, I knew I had to stay strong and powerful for myself and for my tribe. Ever since keeping those principles of strength, power, determination, and drive close to my heart, I have even gained the title of The Northern Yoro Tribe’s strongest kickboxer, judoka, boxer, jujitsu fighter, and grappler as well as queen of the tribe who has inspired confidence and dedication to everybody. But those titles would be absolutely meaningless if it were not for my family. Gramps instilled wisdom and dedication into my character. My mentors ensured that physical and mental strength were bedrocks. My father-in-law always saw to it that I stayed strong for my family. My mothers-in-law were consistent in making sure that duty, compassion, and kindness were ingrained in my heart, my mind, and my soul. Moreover, as second-in-command of The Splendid Seven and queen of The Northern Yoro Tribe, I will always treasure and cherish Shunran as my loving younger sister; Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran as my charming and fun brothers-in-law; and, most of all, the two most valiant Yokai warriors I am proud to respectively call my husband and my big brother-in-law as well as champions of strength, might, power, and courage Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru. I hold these wonderful people really close to my heart, especially my most beloved champion of a husband Inuyasha and my dearest confidant and comrade Sesshoumaru, because they have also done their part in keeping me alive and strong, challenge me to be a lot more attentive, steadfast, and strong for them, and I am really blessed to have them around in my life.
Words cannot begin to describe how much I cherish Shunran as my younger sister. She is a kind, caring, compassionate, attentive, and cheery soul who has no bad bone in her body. It never mattered that she was adopted because I always wanted to have a sister of my own, especially since I spent my infancy with a multitude of Wolf Yokai warrior men in The Northern Yoro Tribe. My wish came true when my father-in-law thought it would be nice for Shunran to be raised by Gramps because The Panther King was being an abusive father figure to Toran, Shuran, Karan, and her. I didn’t know what to think back then because I was only a little toddler and Shunran was just a baby. Nonetheless, I was excited and grateful to have a sister in my life, and I never regretted it. We would always tell each other secrets and revel in each others’ company as sisters, especially when we enjoy talking about our five favourite Yokai warrior guys. Sometimes we do argue about things that are otherwise petty, but we always do our best to not let it get to us because we always confide and trust in each other. She is also a well disciplined fighter. Her illusions may be fantastic for distractions, but she is also a really flexible gymnast and the most focused Shaolin Kung Fu fighter I have ever fought with. Her punches, kicks, and flips are otherworldly, and I am so grateful to have been her sparring buddy throughout the years, given how much stronger she has become and how much more confident she can be using her fists and feet. I could never have asked for a more wonderful sister than Shunran because she radiates with a beauty and an optimism that nobody can ever replicate.
There are three wonderful men I could consider to be my really good friends and equally great gentlemen for my favourite younger sister Shunran, with one of them being the apple of her eye. Those fine gents are Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran who I consider to be courageous comrades, the most down to earth brothers-in-law I have ever met, and just plain wonderful guys for Shunran because of how close and fiercely protective they are to her. Given how Ginta is an expert in jujitsu, Hakkaku is a wonderful practitioner in Muay Thai, and Shuran is a specialist in sumo wrestling plus a fantastic lightning manipulator, that just makes me gain even more peace of mind knowing Shunran is safe and well. Ginta makes me really happy, grateful, and blessed to know that Shunran is in good hands with someone as kind, gentle, sweet, and valiant as he is. As Shunran’s husband, he does everything he can to provide for her and their family as well as use his strength to protect them from harm. I am also just as happy to know how strong and brave Ginta is when he sacrifices his life for Shunran, and that makes me salute him with all of my heart. Hakkaku is boundless energy, enthusiasm, and gusto incarnate. Everything he does is accomplished with a lot of heart and soul, which also goes nicely with how strongly he fights in battle, given his fabulous roundhouse kicks. He also makes sure that Ginta and Shunran live their best possible lives together as a couple, which makes me even more ecstatic. Shuran is literally and figuratively the rock that keeps us altogether in one piece, for we The Splendid Seven would not be as formidable as we are today if it weren’t for him. He helps us get back on our feet when get knocked down, and he can deliver huge bearhugs, punches, back-breakers, and neck-breakers to every single foe he encounters. Besides Shuran’s brute strength, he is also fiercely loyal and protective of all of us, and he can be akin to a huge and huggable panda bear who greets us all with his tight hugs enough to keep us warm from the cold and fuzzy from all the hard times. I speak for my most beloved younger sister when I say Ginta is a great husband, Hakkaku is a loyal protector, and Shuran is a protective warrior who can keep her safe, well, and happy. Even better is when Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran have their brotherly moments with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru whether in weightlifting or sparring in jujitsu, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and/or Tae Kwon Do, with me and Shunran totally admiring how strong our five favourite Yokai warrior men are as well as how muscular and toned their bodies are whenever they wind down. Speaking of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, I am gladly going to get to them.
I may love Shunran as a sister with all of my heart. I may revel in Ginta’s, Hakkaku’s, and Shuran’s friendship and be thoroughly thankful to them for making Shunran a truly happy person. However, the two Yokai warrior men who have shaped me to be the Yokai warrior I am today are my husband Inuyasha and my older brother-in-law Sesshoumaru who I both champion as valorous, strong, mighty combatants and the most genuine and honourable gentlemen I have ever laid my eyes upon. Gramps, Dad-in-Law, Mom-in-Law InuKimi, and Mom-in-Law Izayoi knew from the day I was born that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru would stand by my side as my protectors and as my inspirations for being a strong Yokai warrior myself, with one being my husband when I grew up. Sure, Inuyasha might have grown up with me and Gramps, while Sesshoumaru with my parents-in-law when we were young children, but I have seen their growth from headstrong young boys to determined young men to the powerful Yokai warrior men I am proud to fight alongside with and admire with all of my heart, mind, body, and soul. I also fancy how toned, muscular, and handsome their bodies are every time they have their wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing matches, when they have a shower at the waterfalls to cool them down or when they, Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, Shunran, and I bathe and massage each other at our cave’s thermal bath. Sure, Sesshoumaru’s body is well-built and Inuyasha’s is more muscular, but both brothers are gorgeously built granite and marble pillars of muscles, strength, and physical godliness that I could never take my eyes off of them. Besides how wonderfully Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru keep their muscles so well toned and mightily built, they are also the strongest Yokai warrior men I have laid my eyes upon, for they are the bearers of the mightiest punches, kicks, chokeholds, bearhugs, back-breakers, and camel clutches I have ever seen as well as heaps of powerful combat prowess. I can confirm this as the truth, as I have been sparring with them, and they are truly strong fighters. They even enjoy it when I pin them to the ground and look up at me with smiles on their faces because they could see my growth. Every time Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha transform into full-fledged Yokai forms to beat our enemies to a bloody pulp, I cannot help but be inspired to be as strong as they are. Every time Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha in their full Yokai forms roar really loudly, I do my best to roar just as loud, if not louder, than them. They even said that my roar has been gaining in strength and is a lot louder than theirs, which is a lovely compliment. For those reasons, I am really grateful and honoured to serve as second-in-command to both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru as the leaders of The Splendid Seven, and their super strength, great combat prowess, and unwavering determination have sealed their fates as my husband and my closest confidant respectively.
I will always remember those words Inuyasha said to me when we were very little children. “Of course, I will be your husband Ayame. Most of all, I’ll be strong for you.” I will admit that my 4-year-old mind thought that Inuyasha at 7 years old was really cute and funny when he grinningly flexed his biceps and proclaimed that he will be strong for me. To this day, his words still ring true with genuineness and allegiance. To even see him grow from the rambunctious hanyou boy I admired and who rescued me from The Birds of Paradise to a young warrior getting accustomed to his full yokai powers to a young man who is a proud Yokai warrior to the powerful and valiant Yokai warrior that he is proud to be has made me even more proud of him with every single breath I take and every waking morning I ascend to. Gramps and all of the Wolf Yokai warriors of the North, South, East, and West have done an amazing job in helping Inuyasha reach his full potential as a full-fledged Yokai warrior. I would even go out of my way to say that I have always believed in him, and I have seen him grow stronger every time he trained and did his best to be the best Yokai warrior he could be. It is easy to perceive Inuyasha as this manly warrior who is all blood, guts, muscles, glory, conquest, and carnage against all enemies. I mean, if warriors had seen Inuyasha snap his enemies’ backs in two with his bare hands, they would know how physically powerful he truly is. Sometimes he can be impulsive, high-strung, and abrasive, but he has a lot of super strength and determination flowing within his body and soul. After all, he is the Northern Yoro Tribe’s strongest wrestler, kickboxer, boxer, Pankratist, judoka, jujitsu fighter, and weightlifter to the point where his super strength and his formidability as a warrior can leave even bigger opponents quaking in fear at the sight of him, especially when he transforms into his full Yokai form. I could even still remember how harrowing it was seeing Inuyasha punch, kick, shadowbox, wrestle, and roar while trying to take control of his feral Yokai side when we were younger. But after much encouragement from Gramps and our mentors to transform into his Yokai form only in great danger, he has finally grown into the full Yokai warrior he always wanted to be, and I have been proud of him ever since. I was even prouder of him when he obtained the legendary Goraishi, thus making him officially my husband and that legendary weapon a family heirloom. In fact, as he is the strongest warrior and the most fiercely protective of the Northern Yoro Tribe, he is also the leader of the tribe, and I rule alongside him as his queen. One of our greatest victories was over Naraku where he and I as well as Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, and Shunran defeated him. Inuyasha made the final blow when he broke Naraku’s neck and dislocated his head with his bare hands and mounted it on a pike where it got burnt like a torch. Besides his super strength and his mighty muscles which make him the most powerful warrior I have ever seen and admired, he is also a fiercely loyal, honourable, and courageous soul who would never abandon us and is unconditionally loving to all of us. Being Inuyasha’s wife, I am also happy to know that he is also a great provider of tender loving care, and I can wholeheartedly confirm that he is the most passionate kisser and love-maker ever. Our nights of passion are always filled with heat, intimacy, and spice that our chamber could get a whole lot warmer whenever we make love because he is that great in bed. Inuyasha is also a great father to our children. Sure, he is a lot closer to our sons to the point where they emulate him to be strong wrestlers, kickboxers, and boxers with big muscles of steel as well as found themselves happily married with children of their own, but he is also really loving towards our daughters who can be just as fierce and rowdy as he was in his younger years, and they have also found really handsome husbands of their own. He is the type of father and husband who has always stayed strong for us and provided for us whenever we were in great need. I could never have asked for a more trustworthy husband than Inuyasha because he has truly kept his promise of being strong for me, my grandpa, our mentors, and, most importantly, our family. His powerful muscles of steel match how passionate his heart truly is and how driven he is as a powerful Yokai warrior, and I admire and love him with all of my heart.
If there is somebody I champion as not only a powerful Yokai warrior but also a great supporter of my relationship with Inuyasha from being boyfriend and girlfriend to being engaged to being married, it has to be Sesshoumaru. His valour, strength, determination, and dedication as a Yokai warrior have made him worthy of my respect, allegiance, and admiration. He always knew that I was meant to be with Inuyasha because he saw how well we understood each other, gave each other unconditional love, and we were never afraid to be ourselves when we were together all the time. In fact, he and my father-in-law saw it fit that Inuyasha live with me, Gramps, and the wolf Yokai warriors because it was not only good for his growth as a full-fledged Yokai warrior but it also meant that he was my potential husband from the time he saved me from The Birds of Paradise. Going to Sesshoumaru, I still could not believe I used to have feelings for him when I was 9 and he was 13 because it almost felt like yesterday. He did serve as a backup plan for me to marry him should the whole marriage plan with Inuyasha not function. On paper, me being married to The Lord of the Western Lands meant that there was going to be an alliance that could last for generations. It also meant that I could be just as politically active as Sesshoumaru was when we grew up, given that he has always respected me as a fighter and displayed so much allegiance to me as his equal. While the thought of it sounded nice, what would that have meant for me as my own person? Not that much other than just being The Lord of the Western Lands’ wife if I ended up married to Sesshoumaru. My experience as a young girl having a crush on the teenage Sesshoumaru was the classic case of a naive crush. At least I knew from the bottom of my heart that I deserved to be just as active as a fighter as I am as a ruler. He understood that so well and, from that moment on, he became really supportive of my relationship with Inuyasha to the point where he was the best man during our wedding day. From there, a firm allegiance was built between me, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru that actually started when we were a whole lot younger, and I am so happy to know that our allegiance is still as strong as ever. The best part about having Sesshoumaru as my eldest brother-in-law is that he always challenges me and Inuyasha to grow stronger than we think we are and that he is the greatest sparring partner I could ever ask for. He makes sure that my punches, kicks, grapples, and chokeholds are as accurate and as sufficiently forceful as they need to be. We even confide in each other when it comes to how we truly feel, and he was not afraid to tell me that if Inuyasha and I did not end up together as a married couple, he would not know what to do. Hence, his happiness of me and him being united in marriage and the boundless support he gives us, which makes things a lot better in the long run. Plus, Inuyasha and I are just as fortunate to be godparents to Sesshoumaru’s children Asagi, Dai, Roku, Kai, Rin, Shiori, and Shinta even to the point where they have grown stronger together with our children. To this very day, Sesshoumaru is so honoured to have had me in Inuyasha’s life as his wife because he always believed I could do a lot of good in his life. To me, that is a great honour to be as close to Sesshoumaru as my brother-in-law as I am to Inuyasha as my husband.
All of my wolf Yokai ancestors would know that I would not exist if it were not for the tender loving care I have for Shunran as my younger sister, the friendship I have with Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran as my brothers-in-law and my best guy friends, the unconditional love I have for Inuyasha as my husband and my main champion, and the utmost admiration I have for Sesshoumaru as my confidant, close brother-in-law, and most favourite sparring partner in the whole world. I champion them with all of my heart, and I would never want to leave them. They are my family and my world. Without them, my life would be meaningless. I am so thankful to have my younger sister Shunran, my best guy friends Ginta, Hakkaku, and Shuran, my husband Inuyasha, and my brother-in-law Sesshoumaru by my side. As second-in-command of The Splendid Seven, I will never renege on my pledge and defend my family with all of my strength and my dedication.

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