This screenshot motivational poster is super highly and absolutely Pro-Sesshoumaru, Pro-Shuran, Pro-Inuyasha, Pro-Hakkaku, Pro-Ginta, Pro-Ichise, and Pro-Kiba with instances of Sesshoumaru’s, Shuran’s, and Hakkaku’s bond as best friends as well as Pro-InuAya, Pro-GinShun, Pro-IchiRan, and Pro-Kiza moments thrown in the mix, although this mainly focuses on Sesshoumaru’s, Shuran’s, Inuyasha’s, Hakkaku’s, Ginta’s, Ichise’s, and Kiba’s brotherhood. Sit back, relax, and revel in how these seven fabulous soul brothers have grown from rambunctious young boys to mighty and valiant men.

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha may be brothers by blood, given they have the same father as well as two mothers. Shuran may have an oldest sister in Toran and two younger sisters in Karan and Shunran. Hakkaku and Ginta may be proud to call each other brothers and not just friends. Ichise may be quite pleased to have two older brothers in Shinji and Hal. Kiba is just as grateful to have an older brother in Tsume, a younger brother by a month in Hige, and a youngest brother in Toboe. However, they are just as grateful to consider Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba as brothers from other mothers because their brotherhood transcends mere friendship and has sown the seeds of a deep and meaningful familial bond that would make even the closest of siblings absolutely jealous. They may be entirely different from each other in terms of their personalities, but their differences have made them realise that there is a whole lot more they share than they initially thought, thus growing stronger together, breaking the ice to discover something new about each other, and standing by each others’ sides when the chips are down. These seven fine gentlemen are also formidable fighters who are strength, might, superb combat prowess, and valour incarnate to the point where enemies would tremble at the sight of them. Furthermore, their brotherhood is quite akin to Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and Sturges’s The Magnificent Seven, given that their impeccable combat prowess is coupled with their interpersonal solidarity. They even use their strength as fighters to protect the ones they really love, and they are aware that Ayame, Shunran, Ran, and Cheza are just as courageous and strong as they are, thus giving them agency. If there is a badge of honour, brotherhood, and courage that needs to be given, it has to be given to Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba because they deserve all the salutes they can acquire, and Ayame, Shunran, Ran, and Cheza would be just as proud of them.

As young boys, 13-year-old Sesshoumaru, 12-year-olds Shuran and Inuyasha, 11-year-olds Hakkaku and Ginta, 10-year-old Ichise, and 9-year-old Kiba would always partake in a whole bunch of outdoor activities and martial arts sessions ranging from soccer games, basketball games, judo and karate bouts, rollerblading, and growing stronger together via their wrestling matches that would end up in huge dog piles. Inuyasha would even gather Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba to play practical jokes on Sesshoumaru, with occasions where he would be in the receiving end and Sesshoumaru would also be one step ahead of his younger brother and their friends. Whenever Sesshoumaru was doing his kata in a concentrated manner, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba would attempt to play attack him, but Sesshoumaru would pacify each and every one of them with his mad moves, thus thoroughly impressing them. In fact, what brought Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba together was their love, passion, and dedication to martial arts. Sure, they did enjoy soccer, basketball, football, baseball, rollerblading, track and field, and long jump, but they always loved the martial arts. Sesshoumaru was a blackbelt in aikido and kendo before he reached 13. Shuran was passionate about professional wrestling. Inuyasha was an expert in Pankration and Greek wrestling before he reached 12. Hakkaku was keen on Tae Kwon Do. Ginta was adamant about Muay Thai. Ichise really loved Brazilian jiujitsu, kickboxing, and boxing. Kiba was really into karate, judo, and aikido. This even got to the point where 9-year-old Ayame, 7-year-old Shunran, 5-year-old Ran, and 4-year-old Cheza always loved seeing Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Shuran, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba spar and practice and found what they were doing to be absolutely charming as if though they were warrior princes. Speaking of girls, Sesshoumaru was already the apple of Ayame’s eye ever since they were a whole lot younger, and he liked her back. As for Inuyasha, he and Ayame were just great friends as children and enjoyed playing basketball and soccer with each other. Shuran was always protective of his little sister Shunran because he was a lot bigger than her, and he always made sure that no other boy dare touch her other than Hakkaku and Ginta because he considered those two to be like his brothers due to the fact that he was the only boy in his family. Hakkaku liked Shunran, but Ginta and Shunran seemed to like each other a whole lot. Ichise and Kiba would always protect Ran and Cheza from anybody who dared tease them and would always play boardgames to pass the time. The seven boys’ brotherhood was definitely something that they would always treasure as they came of age.

Reaching their full-fledged teens made 19-year-old Sesshoumaru, 18-year-olds Shuran and Inuyasha, 17-year-olds Hakkaku and Ginta, 16-year-old Ichise, and 15-year-old Kiba fully aware of the responsibilities they had as fighters as well as teenage boys transitioning to men with a lot to give in the world. 18-year-old Inuyasha and 15-year-old Ayame were the first couple to end up married with 17-year-old Ginta and 13-year-old Shunran following suit. Before Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta reached 19, 18, and 17 respectively, 14-year-old Sesshoumaru, 13-year-olds Shuran and Inuyasha, and 12-year-olds Hakkaku and Ginta had the talk with Toga, Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s father, because 10-year-old Ayame was already showing interest for Sesshoumaru but was still very great friends with Inuyasha, while Shunran was starting show interest in Hakkaku while she thought Ginta was cute. Their father stated that Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, and Ginta had to learn to make responsible decisions when it came to relationships because this was based on trust and treating their partner respectfully.

In Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s side, Sesshoumaru recognised that whenever Ayame was around him, she always had to make herself really pretty to impress him. However, whenever she was around Inuyasha, she was not afraid to be herself, laugh with him, cry with him, and just revel in each others’ company. This would compel Sesshoumaru to tell Ayame that he might not be too sure that she will be happy with him when they grow up because the future seemed uncertain for them. Inuyasha was already starting to develop feelings for Ayame, thus motivating Sesshoumaru to give him a pep talk that he always knew that Inuyasha and Ayame had something special that he might not be able to provide for Ayame. Therefore, he motivated Inuyasha to tell Ayame how he truly felt about her, and maybe she would say something similar to him. Inuyasha took his brother’s advice rather hesitantly, but he finally had the gumption to tell her. This made Ayame really happy to hear that from Inuyasha, as they hugged, with Sesshoumaru watching with a small smile on his face knowing they would be happy together. Where Ayame’s grandfather was concerned he might have recognised Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s strength as Ayame’s intended through their strength and discipline as warriors and even loved both of them like his grandsons, but he always knew that Inuyasha would be the young man who was going to stay strong for Ayame, which Inuyasha was more than grateful to be Ayame’s husband. One year after Inuyasha and Ayame have been going steady in their love life, 15-year-old Sesshoumaru became the best man to 14-year-old Inuyasha’s and 11-year-old Ayame’s marriage, with Sesshoumaru’s and Inuyasha’s father as well as Ayame’s grandfather blessing their children’s holy matrimony.

Where Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta were concerned, and after one year after Inuyasha and Ayame finally got together with Sesshoumaru’s and Ayame’s grandfather’s blessing, they managed to go relatively steady, with 9-year-old Shunran realising that her whole crush on 13-year-old Hakkaku was rather silly. She at least felt much happier with 13-year-old Ginta because she could tell him anything and everything and feel like herself around him. Seeing Shunran happy is what was really important for 14-year-old Shuran, as he and Hakkaku were very supportive of them getting together. She even wanted to be engaged with him, which Ginta happily accepted because he knew he was going to be very happy with her. Additionally, InuKimi and Izayoi were very happy to know that Ginta and Shunran finally got together, although Ginta and Shunran stated that they will wait one year until they end up married. Come one year later, and Ginta and Shunran ended up happily married with InuKimi and Izayoi plus Toran, Ayumi, and Karan making sure that their marriage was beautiful and harmonious.

Ichise and Kiba did realise how much they felt for Ran and Cheza, but they were rather unsure what the future was going to hold for them. At least when Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta gave Ichise and Kiba a similar pep talk that Toga gave to them when they were younger, they made sure that they were going to support them in whatever decision they made. For the next three years, Ichise and Ran as well as Kiba and Cheza were going steady in their respective relationships and they received a lot of support from their brothers from other mothers and sisters from other misters. As Ichise reached 19 and Kiba reached 18, they finally confessed their feelings to 14-year-old Ran and 13-year-old Cheza, and the two couples happily affirmed their respective relationships, thus making 22-year-old Sesshoumaru, 21-year-olds Shuran and Inuyasha, 20-year-old Hakkaku and Ginta, 18-year-old Ayame, and 16-year-old Shunran truly happy for them. Whatever endeavour each brother had, they would always make sure that they had each others’ backs.

Reaching full adulthood ranging from their mid to late 20s to early to late 30s, with Sesshoumaru these days approaching 41 and Shuran plus Inuyasha approaching 40, all seven men have been juggling the challenges of being strong fathers to their children and, in Inuyasha’s, Ginta’s, Ichise’s, and Kiba’s cases, equally strong and loyal husbands to their wives. In Sesshoumaru’s, Inuyasha’s, Shuran’s, Hakkaku’s, and Ginta’s cases, they have also become grandfathers who are just as excited to see their grandchildren grow. Sesshoumaru’s indubitable determination, sterling stamina, and star-studded stealth never wavered with age and have become the bedrock attributes that he has incorporated as a father as well as a grandfather. Shuran’s might, huge personality, and confidence continues to bring strength to his friends and family while being a wall of support of protection. Inuyasha’s super strength, mighty muscles, and radical wrestling moves keep on growing stronger with age and have never diminished. Hakkaku’s high energy, vibrance, and vivacity remain great sources of power for everybody around him. Ginta’s charm, lovability, and kindness have aged like a sweet-smelling fine wine and will always shine. Ichise’s taciturn concentration, solid strength, and unquestionable steadfastness have always made him a trustworthy brother from another mother. Kiba’s fierce loyalty, unparalleled valour, and total endurance have certainly gone unwatered for years. Furthermore, Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba have continued to strengthen their skills in their trademark martial arts, with Sesshoumaru in aikido, Shuran in professional wrestling, Inuyasha in Pankration, Hakkaku in Tae Kwon Do, Ginta in Muay Thai, Ichise in kickboxing, and Kiba in judo, thus using them to protect their loved ones, not show off. Their sons and nephews even want to be as super strong and fiercely formidable as their fathers and their uncles, which all seven of them ensured with all of their might and heart.

Sesshoumaru, Shuran, Inuyasha, Hakkaku, Ginta, Ichise, and Kiba as well as their strong brand of brotherhood will never dissipate because all seven of them embody strength, stamina, and steadfastness in everything they have been doing from childhood to adulthood. Growing from rambunctious youths to formidable adult men might not have been easy, but their collective perseverance helped them accomplish so much in their lives.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and please continue to show more love for Sesshoumaru’s, Shuran’s, Inuyasha’s, Hakkaku’s, Ginta’s, Ichise’s, and Kiba’s brotherly love, everybody.

Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Shuran, Hakkaku, and Ginta from Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Sunrise.

Ichise from Texhnolyze belongs to Hiroshi Hamasaki, Chiaki J. Konaka, Yoshitoshi ABe, and Madhouse.

Kiba from Wolf’s Rain belongs to Keiko Nobumoto and BONES.

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