I perform a variation of “Ever In Your Favor” by Andy of The Jerx (https://www.thejerx.com/).


If you have any interest in magic, you really need to check out Andy’s blog. He offers incredibly unique insight on how to make your performance stand out more, as well as clever reinterpretations of routines to make them more impressive and less hackneyed. Fair warning in advance – he does use some harsh language and doesn’t hold back on his opinions when he thinks something is bad or flawed, but if you remember how Penn and Teller were during the 80s and 90s, it’s nothing new. Andy also has several great tricks available for free on his website, along with others exclusively published in several limited-run books, which is where I got this routine from. The books can be hard to find and pricey, but I’d say the amazement factor justifies the cost.

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