This I Ship Meme originally belongs to adamhatson and is dedicated to all of the wonderful Basuli x Hercules x Tarzan or Basculeszan shippers, partisans, and loyalists of the world. Sit back, relax, and revel in how Basuli’s and Tarzan’s romantic relationship with their dearest and most beloved Hercules can be dynamically beautiful and surprisingly flexible.

Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan have been my animated man crushes ever since I was a child. Since I always enjoyed Hercules, Tarzan, and The Legend of Tarzan as well as how romantic love is possible with not only men and women but also between two or more men in Greek myths and Ancient Greece, I thought it would be really interesting to have Basuli and Tarzan fall in love with Hercules. There is abundant amount of virile appeal when it comes to the three-way romantic relationship when it comes to two African jungle warrior brothers hooking up with a Greek demigod, which I am sure would be great fodder for many a slash fanfic complete with man service galore. Nevertheless, Hercules’s relationship with Basuli and Tarzan is steeped in unconditional love, fierce loyalty, and iron-clad trust that has enabled them to see the best and the worst in each other without flinching, thus being their genuine selves without blame or shame.

Zeus and Chief Keewazi would be the most thankful fathers to see their sons grow from best friends ever since they were impetuous children to adults who genuinely love each other with all of their heart and are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect each other from harm. Hercules’s relationship with Basuli and Tarzan would be a steady one, as they commence as childhood friends who enjoy competing with each other in various physical activities from wrestling to swimming to weightlifting. That friendship would eventually grow into the first sparks of romantic intimacy between Hercules and both Basuli and Tarzan as they reach their teens, with Hercules at 15 and both Basuli and Tarzan at 14. By the time Hercules reached 17 and both Basuli and Tarzan reached 16, they were engaged to be married, with Zeus and Chief Keewazi blessing their holy matrimony. As a result of Hercules’s marriage with Basuli and Tarzan, he, Zeus, Hera, and the Pantheon also became honorary members of the Waziri tribe, and a feast was in order for the newly married throuple. Hercules’s married life with Basuli and Tarzan has always been excitingly dynamic, given the many occasions they would save their village from peril, use their magnificent muscles and super strength to fight off evil, and have romantically intimate moments after every battle.

Overlooking Hercules’s, Basuli’s, and Tarzan’s beautifully bulging biceps, alabaster abs, titanium triceps, fantastically chiseled features, super strength demonstrated in their various weightlifting sessions, and incomparable combat prowess in wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, and Pankration, these three warriors are also the bearers of a truly unbreakable and dynamic relationship. Hercules would always spar with Basuli and Tarzan to test their strength and endurance, especially in boxing, kickboxing, and, his most personal favourite, Pankration. Being the wild jungle brothers that Basuli and Tarzan are, they would even inspire Hercules to tap into his animal instincts in order to tackle any foe or oppressor. As Hercules once faced the Nemean Lion, he would also walk on fours like a lion as Basuli and Tarzan do as well as use his claws and fangs just like Mufasa and Simba. Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan would even be best friends with Kaj and the leopard-men of Opar, thus learning a lot from them and becoming fiercer fighters. That animal instinct would also kick in within Hercules when he makes love to both Basuli and Tarzan. Every sensual moan they make would be filled with pleasure, and it is also that lovemaking that soothes Hercules and calms both Basuli and Tarzan especially after a long, arduous battle.

With intimacy and trust playing a huge part in their romantic relationship, neither Hercules nor Basuli nor Tarzan would ever flinch at each others’ weaknesses, and lest Hercules ever think of abandoning Basuli and Tarzan. Should Hercules have any doubts assailing his mind and being, Basuli and Tarzan would always be there to assure him that he is a strong and confident man who has a whole lot to give in the world. Whenever Basuli and Tarzan go ferociously feral when provoked, Hercules would be sufficiently brave to calm them down. Therefore, there is nobody on this planet that Hercules would put his trust on than in both Basuli and Tarzan and vice-versa. This unconditional love, fierce loyalty, and boundless trust would also pass down to their family life, since Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan have been having children since they were 18 and 17 respectively. Now with Hercules approaching 51 as well as Basuli and Tarzan approaching 50, they are the proud parents of 34-year-old triplet sons Korak, Darak, and Dorak; 33-year-old twin sons Bongani and Imani, and 31-year-old twin daughters Merah and Torah as well as grandparents to their children’s teenage progeny and great-grandparents to their teenage grandchildren’s offspring. Their long line is guaranteed to last for many generations to come because their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are formidably powerful warriors and are just as strong as wrestlers, weightlifters, and overall combatants as their predecessors are. To this day, all of their progeny are blessed to know that they have three amazing fathers who have helped them forge their own paths in life and make equally wonderful families of their own too.

Hercules’s love for Basuli and Tarzan knows no bounds, and Basuli and Tarzan feel the same way about Hercules. Nothing can ever break their beautifully formidable three-way relationship.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and please show more love for Basuli x Hercules x Tarzan, everybody.

Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan from Hercules and The Legend of Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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