This “OT3 Theme Song” meme originally belongs to ProjectOneAMG and is dedicated to all of my friends, fellow artists, fans, and brethren who fancy the prospect of Basuli and Tarzan being in a polyamorous as well as polygamous relationship with Hercules. This is also dedicated to everybody who loves and enjoys the Bacchanal from the third act and second scene of Camille Saint-Saens’s Samson et Dalila. Sit back, relax, and revel in how this vivid, frenzied, and erotic piece of orchestral music is a suitable fit for my most precious OT3 of all time Basuli x Hercules x Tarzan or Basculeszan, especially when the two jungle warrior brothers get spicily intimate with their most favourite demigod of all time.

Take two African jungle brother warriors of the Waziri Tribe, Basuli and Tarzan, plus one Greek demigod born in Olympus yet raised in Athens, Hercules, and place them in the grand throne room of Opar. However, before Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan head to the main throne room, they are stripped down to wearing nothing but leopard skin speedos to flaunt their virile, muscular appeal and charm. Basuli and Tarzan even flex their muscles at each other to check if they are sufficiently firm and taut for Hercules when they make love to him. They even have a go at touching Hercules’s bulging muscles and kiss him before heading to Opar’s grand hall, where they are seated on lavish cushions fit for the mightiest of jungle emperors and are greeted by their best friend Kaj who serves the warrior kings golden goblets of ambrosia mixed with honey. Additionally, Kaj introduces his best friends to his fellow leopard-men who perform an erotic war dance for Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan.

The dance commences as each leopard-man whir in frenzied ecstasy, warlike intensity, and virile sinuousness. Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan are enjoying the sight while sipping their sweet ambrosia mixed with honey. Basuli and Tarzan take turns in passionately kissing Hercules, feeling his mighty biceps, and wrapping him in their fierce embrace. The sweet ambrosia ends up having an intoxicating effect on all three of them, as Tarzan persuades his most beloved brother older Basuli and his dreamy love god Hercules to come dance with him, Kaj, and the leopard-men. With each sinuously virile they make, Basuli and Tarzan find themselves wrapped in Hercules’s mighty arms, and they make the moves on him, with Kaj seeing how much Basuli and Tarzan love being caressed, stroked, kissed, embraced, and massaged by Hercules. The music intensifies as Kaj, Hercules, Basuli, and the leopard-men are joined together in a huge circle, their movements become more Maenad-like and feral, and they all let out grunts and roars. Kaj and the leopard-men make way for Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan who are feeling more intense, excited, and utterly pumped-up, considering how they are snarling and growling at each other as if though Basuli and Tarzan were submissive lions to Hercules’s lion king. Basuli and Tarzan sandwich Hercules with frenzied ardour and smother him with hot kisses, a tight embrace, and sensual massages that excite his senses, as they tumble to the floor. In return, Hercules passionately fondles and kisses both Basuli and Tarzan to the point where the two jungle brothers and the Olympian demigod experience a jubilantly sensual sensation after all that lovemaking, ecstatic revelry, and frenzied dancing. To say that Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan are elated is a mere understatement. They are euphorically blissful to have done this wild, frenzied, erotic dance together, considering how giddy they have become and how their cheeks give off a rosy blush drunk in the delight of their heightened romance.

As the music and dancing cease and desist, after all the erotic fun Hercules had with Basuli and Tarzan, Kaj leads the three of them to their bed chamber. All three of them strip themselves naked when they approach their bed. Hercules lies in the centre with Basuli on his left and Tarzan on his right. Hercules heartily thanks Basuli and Tarzan for the marvellous time he had with his two most beloved husbands. Basuli and Tarzan are just as grateful to Hercules for enjoying himself and for spending this wild moment with the men he truly loves. Basuli and Tarzan kiss Hercules on his cheeks then his lips, and Hercules kisses both Basuli and Tarzan on their foreheads and on their lips. The three of them fall asleep with ecstatic smiles on their faces. Hercules is a lucky man to have Basuli and Tarzan as his gorgeously sexy yet wild husbands who place their hands on his pecs every time they sleep, while Basuli and Tarzan are happy to have Hercules as their husband who cuddles them really tenderly. The night was definitely made for splendour and pleasure for the handsome Hercules and his beloved Basuli and his tender Tarzan.

I am certain you were left hot beneath the gusset with this tale that I spun for Hercules and his darling sweetie-pies Basuli and Tarzan, but this has some musical significance considering the orchestral piece I have in store for this moment. For those of you who are fans of Camille Saint-Saens’s famous grand opera, Samson et Dalila, you will recognise that the appropriate orchestral music for this scenario shall be Bacchanal of the third act’s second scene. This is where Samson is led to the Temple of Dagon, after his hair was shorn and his eyes were blinded by Dalila and the High Priest for telling them the secret of his strength, and the audience is introduced to a cavalcade of nubile dancers partaking in the frenzied revelry right before Samson is chained to the two pillars, calls upon God, has his super strength recovered, pushes the pillars, and crushes everybody in sight including himself. This exciting piece of orchestral music is in the key of D-Minor and is known for its use of percussion, wind instruments, and strings; transition from a sinuous andante to a high-octane allegro to a relatively quieter but nonetheless sensual allegro to a bombastic allegro, its melody which evokes the exotic decadence of Dagon’s temple surrounded by high priests, high priestesses, and nubile dancers whether they be men or women; and, most significantly, its breakneck speed, agility, and nimbleness which are prerequisites for every dancer, orchestra member, and the conductor themselves should bear in order to make this scene function. For that, I present you seven versions of this dance number conducted by Georges Pretre, Hans Swarowsky, Leonard Bernstein, Lorin Maazel, Sir Colin Davis, Daniel Barenboim, and Silvio Varviso. Enjoy these versions, as you imagine Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan in their semi-nude glory partaking in this frenzying dance complete with steamy passion and loads of lovemaking, especially when they are accompanied by Kaj and his fellow leopard-men.

Georges Pretre and the Orchestre du Théâtre National de l’Opéra de Paris

Hans Swarowsky and the Wiener Festspielorchester

Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Lorin Maazel and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Sir Colin Davis and the London Symphony Orchestra

Daniel Barenboim and the Orchestre de Paris

Silvio Varviso and the Staatskapelle Dresden

I hope you all enjoyed this and had a favourite version to pair with your imagining of Hercules, Basuli, Tarzan, and the leopard-man friends in Opar dancing in a frenzied revelry to this tune, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and please show more love for Basuli x Hercules x Tarzan or Basculeszan as a throuple through fan art, fanfics, and fan-related work, everybody.

Hercules, Basuli, and Tarzan from Hercules and The Legend of Tarzan belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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