Hello, what’s up, chief? She was Where? You mean to tell me that we (Cut to James, Chad, and Julia Alexa Miller in the waiting room at the II-DOD hours later as James is standing with his face in front of a wall and Chad standing with his face in front of another wall!) wasted months of traveling FOR NOTHING!

Julia Alexa Miller:
Well, you caught a villain, and from what I heard, the two of you got along better than you have for years.

Alex, you were trapped in the broom closet for a couple of hours, had it not been for Rebecca and Nick, it would’ve been worse for you.

Chad Narducci:
Now, as for us catching Dr. Vile, according to the leader of the free world, he has a catch and release program for terrorists who want to take over the world with a caveat. With each failure of their plan, they forfeit whatever technology they create, and their capital is added to the national debt relief!

Julia Alexa Miller:
So the two of you did all this for nothing. What was the point of the trip?!

Is this how my journey to activate the MOJO ends? Find out here

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