This I Ship Meme originally belongs to adamhatson and is dedicated to all of the wonderful Kiba x Cheza or Kiza shippers, partisans, and loyalists of the world. Sit back, relax, and marvel at how Wolf’s Rain very own Kiba and Cheza can form a beautifully romantic relationship with each other.

Ever since I first tuned in to Wolf’s Rain as a 12-year-old sixth grader first on Animax as well as parts of it on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim one year later, one particular pairing stood out above the rest to the point where I became an avid shipper of it. The couple in question was none other than Kiba x Cheza or Kiza. From what I could gather from this pairing, Kiba’s and Cheza’s chemistry with each other was palpable, rather sweet, and had a purity to it that few other anime couples could ever possess, despite their tale being quite tragic amidst a grand dark fairy tale involving four wolves finding their way to Paradise. It would be entirely superficial of me to sing Kiza’s praises without acknowledging how much artistic style there is in Wolf’s Rain’s entirety as well as how the characters inhabit the world they are in. Viewers of Wolf’s Rain dare not forget that this is a dark dystopian fantasy based on combining story elements in Western mythology as well as fairy tales. Kiba fits the stoic yet valiantly determined hero character to a tee, while Cheza is the innocently pure yet elusively mysterious maiden. While Kiba and Cheza as a couple is not anything that is too groundbreaking by fantasy standards, it has sufficient genuineness by virtue of its main hero and its main heroine. One who embarks on a quest to find Paradise, the other who serves as the key to Paradise, and they find themselves amidst an epic journey full of trials and tribulations beyond their control.

Overlooking the romantic fairy tale trope of a main hero protecting the fair lady from all peril, Kiba and Cheza as a couple present how they can make an interesting twist on their relationship. Furthermore, this is also a spin on making the wolves main protagonists in the anime, despite the many occasions where wolves are portrayed as the lustful, avaricious, barbaric antagonists as counterpoints to the protagonists’ purity, naïveté, and innocence. Look no further than Little Red Riding Hood as an example, whether you are familiar with the Perrault version or the Grimm Brothers version. Although Kiba is a wolf taking human form and Cheza is a flower maiden who is paradigm of chastity, virtue, and innocence, their relationship is more akin to a gallant yet stoic hero finding himself together with a mysterious yet loving maiden, instead of the avaricious wolf lusting after the innocent virgin. Therefore, they turn this trope of having the wolf as the antagonist and the innocent maiden as the protagonist upside down and over its head by making them have a genuine bond with each other that transcends Kiba as this lone hero and Cheza as this flower maiden serving as the key to Paradise.

I am fully aware that Wolf’s Rain’s ending for Kiba and Cheza was quite tragic yet utterly beautiful. Nevertheless, I would like to think that Kiba and Cheza eventually ended up together because there is nobody else on this planet they would love to be with than each other. I could see them commence their relationship in earnest after all the events that happened in the anime. Despite the fact that Kiba is roughly 18 years old and Cheza is 13 years old when the anime started, they do have a bond that is quite mature in stark comparison to a lot of the teenage “anime romances” that tend to show both partners behave at their absolute worst. Unlike certain anime couples, they understand each other and would support each and every endeavour they have. Kiba would fight tooth and nail to protect Cheza, while Cheza has so much compassion, kindness, and mercy flowing in her system that she is akin to an angel. Aside from the fact that they are there for each other, they would also make sure that every conflict they have would be solved by addressing the situation at hand and finding solutions to the problem. Kiba and Cheza would end up in a holy matrimony by the time he was 21 and she was 16 complete with fourteen children, specifically seven sons and seven daughters. Now, with Kiba at 37 and Cheza at 32, they are the the proud and loving parents of 16-year-old triplet sons Shinga, Shugo, and Seiya; 15-year-old twin sons Reiya and Ruka; 14-year-old twin sons Ryo and Ritsuo; 13-year-old triplet daughters Kairi, Kiyomi, and Kiyono; 12-year-old twin daughters Miho and Miyo; and 11-year-old twin daughters Masayo and Maho. All of their sons and daughters have grown up to be as strong and stoic as their father and kind, compassionate, and loving as their mother. Furthermore, all of their children have a shared passion for growing plants and doing everything they can to preserve nature.

Kiba and Cheza definitely have it made in the shade when it comes to being a genuinely appreciative couple. They will always have each others’ sides and will always show unconditional love towards each other to the point where they have made a home established in love, harmony, and compassion.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and please continue to show your love for Kiba and Cheza as a beautiful couple, everybody.

Kiba and Cheza from Wolf’s Rain belong to Keiko Nobumoto and Bones.

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