This piece of work involving a devil playing the fiddle, a werewolf spider playing the drums, a spider playing the harmonica, a spider the piccolo, a spider playing the trumpet, one Central American man in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, one South American man in a straw hat and blue jeans, and one North American woman in a plaid dress dancing with a bail of hay behind them, and taking place in a barn, which is my submission for Aryaveandyou and BeardedLuckDragon’s All-American Spider Ho-Down contest, is dedicated to KatiAmel, davidkawena, springgirl-13, Jimma1300, gcar1a-unic0rn, Misse-the-cat, tultsi93, lilykittycat661, Oopsers, CAOMouse, Louwuis, AlexanderKunshikov, YeezySnow, LuaClaraLupode, musicalfantasy27, Red-Priest-Usada, Beatriz-Pinky-2005, StellaStarling-YT, SeerLight, underlordmangler, PhantomLatte, Blueheart-2K5, Noire-Ighaan, TromKehra, CulaRi-ann192, DarthWill3, Jubilations, Mayeru, RDJ1995, RandMmanga, fashionbella, e-hima, inukagome134, twilaa :icontwilaa:, meimeix, DarkDiddyKong, Unlovedneko-chan94, kriemodyh, gricort, X-Luminescence, doctorcorby, killerinthedark000, Kat-Roxxx, LUKALEA824, imaAngel, tsitra-tneced, Emelina0, StarflightSparkleYT, Were-Wolf-Hell, HarukoxTaota, lGrungeWerXl, xahCHUx, Willow-T-Hedgehog, jeanbattle1, DisneyOtakuXL, JIMENOPOLIX, AsmodisArt, and DrZime who celebrated their birthdays ranging from over two weeks ago until today. So, I hope you all had wonderful, beautiful, and grand birthdays, and I wish you a lot of love, joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, fortitude, gratitude, and hope in your lives as artists and as people.
New Year’s Eve, the 31st of December 2016, in Missoula, Montana, United States of America. Something wildly eerie has occurred in an abandoned barn. Legend has it that the barn is haunted by Mephistopheles the Devil and his four infernal minions: Belial the Werewolf Spider and three black widow spiders by the names of Alecto, Arachne, and Aglaopheme. Every New Year’s Eve, as the clock strikes 9 PM, Mephistopheles and his infernal arachnid gang would host an orgiastic line dancing session in the barn, with Mephistopheles on the fiddle, Belial on the drums, Alecto on the harmonica, Arachne on the piccolo, and Aglaopheme on the trumpet. The strange music in the barn invites potential victims to be lured in and partake in the line dance, where they are doomed to dance for all eternity unless they fight the urge to dance by breaking the barn’s door lock. By breaking the barn’s door lock, Mephistopheles and his arachnid gang would be dispelled. However, nobody was sufficiently fortunate to do so until three brave souls attempted to confront this Montanan hellish legend straight in the eye and live to tell the tale.
Enter three PhD students from the University of Montana: Alberto Horacio Julio González from Guatemala City, Guatemala, Alfonso Herberto Jaime González originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala but was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina by his uncle and aunt, and Consuelo Gloria Margarita Rodriguez y González from Monterrey, Mexico. Alberto, Alfonso, and Consuelo are no strangers when it comes to world legends, for they have been raised with various myths, stories of hauntings, and supernatural incidents when they were very young. Fate brought these two Guatemalan brothers, with one born and raised in Guatemala and the other raised in Argentina, and this Mexican woman to confront this hellish occurrence in the barn. With their skills in education, knowing about legends, and teamwork combined, they might have a go at battling this otherworldly force.
35-year-old Alberto Horacio Julio González from Guatemala City, Guatemala is the eldest son of entrepreneur, 58-year-old Don Adalberto Ramón Luís González, and hotel CEO, 56-year-old Doña Cecilia Leticia Verónica Suarez y González. He is working on his doctorate degree in theology and aims to hold professorship in the Department of Theology whether in his hometown or in the University of Montana. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Economics and a Master’s Degree in Theology focusing on Christianity and the Western World. Alberto values education, business, and spirituality, for these three principles have formed the cornerstone of his life growing up in an influential family as well as assisting in the family business of hotel management while pursuing his passion for learning about world religions. Outside his passion for theology and his duties running the family hotel which is one of the most prestigious in all of Guatemala, he is an avid ranchero who enjoys rounding up cattle, harvesting, horseback riding, milking cows, goats, and sheep to produce fresh milk and cheese, and shearing sheep to produce homemade sweaters. Furthermore, he is a proud single father of 15-year-old eldest daughter Claudia, 14-year-old eldest twin sons Eduardo and Enrique, 13-year-old son Bernardo, 12-year-old twin daughters Susana and Samantha, and 11-year-old youngest son Ignacio. He always makes sure that his children obtain a proper education, learn to harvest and perform farmhand tasks, and never take anything for granted.
34-year-old Alfonso Herberto Jaime González originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala but was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, even to the point where he is proud of both his Guatemalan and Argentinian roots, is the youngest son of entrepreneur, Don Adalberto Ramón Luís González, and hotel CEO, Doña Cecilia Leticia Verónica Suarez y González. Since living in Buenos Aires ever since he was 4 years old, he was raised by Don Adalberto’s brother, 57-year-old Don Cristiano Gerardo Raúl González an attorney, and his wife, 55-year-old Doña Emilia Lucia Rocío Valdez y González a school headmistress, while having his cousins 36-year-old Emma Maria Laura González a journalist, 34-year-old Gregorio Benvolio Tebaldo González an accountant, 32-year-old Isabel Rosario Teresa González an acting instructor, and 29-year-old Olivero Romero Norberto González an oboist for one of Buenos Aires’s most prestigious orchestras being akin to his siblings. While Alfonso enjoyed the company of his cousins/surrogate siblings, especially his many brotherly moments with Gregorio and how much both Isabel and Olivero look up to Alfonso like an older brother, he reunited with his older brother Alberto when he spent a semester studying at his school. Alberto even invited him to return to him in Guatemala to oversee the hotel. However, Alfonso declared that he liked helping out Don Cristiano, Doña Emilia, Emma, Gregorio, Isabel, and Olivero with the family business of education as well as helping out in their farm because he has the opportunity to harvest fruits and vegetables every season that they are ripe for the picking. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture and Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Management, Alfonso is pursuing his PhD in Business Management as a means to further educate people in Guatemala and Argentina on how to grow their businesses and teach in their universities. This educational pursuit has also seen him being reunited with his older brother, as they balance their family life with their individual careers. Overlooking Alfonso’s professional life, he has been happily married to Consuelo for twelve years and counting.
31-year-old Consuelo Gloria Margarita Rodriguez y González is Alfonso’s most beloved wife, the granddaughter of 80-year-old Don Rogelio Israel Adán Noriega and 77-year-old Doña Teresa Barbara Natalia Martinez y Noriega, and the daughter of real estate agent, 55-year-old Don Luciano Manuel José Rodriguez, and university professor of Spanish literature, 52-year-old Doña Elvira Selena Victoria Noriega y Rodriguez. Consuelo first knew Alberto and Alfonso when they were children, considering that they were playmates when Alberto was 6, Alfonso was 5, and Consuelo was 2. It was not until their adolescence when 13-year-old Consuelo had a crush on 17-year-old Alberto because of his good looks, his well-roundedness, his ambition and passion for education, and how much of a renaissance man he was at such a tender age. Sure, she liked 16-year-old Alfonso too, but they were just good friends at that age. Consuelo’s crush on Alberto rescinded when he stated that their interests were far too different and even advised her that she should take greater care of herself and her wants and needs before pursuing a relationship. Consuelo was initially discouraged, but she took Alberto’s words to heart, applied herself as best as she could in her academics, and graduated high school as the salutatorian of her class. Consuelo did not have plans to go to college yet, as she did a gap year in Buenos Aires working in the catering department in Don Cristiano’s and Doña Emilia’s hacienda just so that she could gather more experience should her pursuit of having a career in the media fail. It was at that moment that she ended up being engaged to Alfonso because of how trusting and unconditionally loving they became to each other. They ended up marrying back in 2004 and even had their first pair of children that year. Consuelo simultaneously pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in English, Spanish, and Media Studies as well as her Master’s in English and Spanish for Educational Purposes before pursuing her doctorate in English and Spanish linguistics at the University of Montana. Consuelo is also an English and Spanish teacher at Missoula County Public School, thus teaching both subjects at a high school level, and wants to ensure that her students live out their best potential. In fact, she has also become very popular to both her students at Missoula County Public School as well as her colleagues and professors from the University of Montana. Aside from her profession as a high school teacher and her educational endeavour as a PhD candidate, Consuelo and her husband Alfonso are the proud parents of 12-year-old twin sons Fernando and Federico, 11-year-old twin sons Eleazar and Elias, 10-year-old son Damiano, 9-year-old daughter Clara, and 8-year-old daughter Alejandra.
With Alberto’s, Alfonso’s, and Consuelo’s lives on the line, they have to fight this infernal music and break the barn’s door lock if they are to survive Mephistopheles’s gleefully sadistic musical game. Time is running out, and no way are their families going to find out that Alberto, Alfonso, and Consuelo have been eternally hexed by the devil himself. They are going to have dance hard to get to that lock, destroy, and possibly free some imprisoned souls, thus undoing Mephistopheles’ and his arachnid minions’ dirty work.
I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and never find yourselves in the wrong side of the road, everybody.
Alberto, Alfonso, Consuelo, Mephistopheles’s design, Belial the Werewolf Spider, and the Three Black Widow Spiders (Alecto, Arachne, and Aglaopheme) belong to me.

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