LEGO and Spider-Man have a long history.  There have been Spidey sets since as far back as the original Raimi trilogy.  Including one unreleased set.


And now as I mentioned in the opening blog for my Ghost-Spider event on A Look at Disney,  the character of Ghost-Spider has been adapted into a toy numerous times and that does include LEGO.  As seen here with this minifigure.


This is very cool and I do own one as I was able to snatch a Ghost-Spider minifigure at a comic book convention last summer.


Having said that these LEGO short films are often a mixed bag, you can’t go in expecting something like The LEGO Movie but you still want something enjoyable.  Take, for example, LEGO Frozen: Northern Lights, that’s fun and silly while poking fun at the franchise in a lighthearted way.



While at the same time, not making the LEGO sets feel intrusive and as though this was only made to advertise the sets, which yeah it probably was but it still felt as though the sets used for the story being told made sense whereas here the sets just feel like they are included because they want to be advertised.  I could look at the plot but basically what it comes down to is a team-up between Spidey and Ghost-Spider to take down Venom.  In that regard, it is fun and it does seem to follow the trend of Peter and Gwen living in a world where they already know one another as part of the short film deals with Peter coming up with a project for his science class.



Like I said I don’t mind that high school aspect and it is fun seeing them work together.   And oh yeah Geen Goblin is in this for a little bit but he’s taken out real early.



Venom just steals a key token and has to get another one in hopes of destroying the city.  And that’s about it.  Gwen and Peter take him down.  And it is fun watching Gwen work in taking down Venom but at the same time, this is also where I noticed so many sets being thrown in and that’s distracting like as you can see that on the poster with Gwen on a glider. Which yeah is from an actual set but doesn’t serve much of a purpose in the story.



That’s also seen with Spidey and some of the stuff that he’s on including a Spider-bike that does get quickly destroyed.  Which you know I do appreciate as it’s something that’s not needed by whatever.  Oh and I almost forgot there’s a mech fight between Spidey and Venom, which yep is another set.



Which admittedly does look cool but not my point.



My Final Thoughts


This isn’t bad per se but rather just kind of forgettable.  It’s enjoyable in its own way sure but there’s really nothing to recommend it either.   Join me next time as we return to A Look at Disney to look at content for the youngest Spidey fans starting with…


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