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Well, it’s been over two years since Friendship is Magic has ended and the pony train hasn’t stopped yet. The fandom may have slowed down but the content is still going and the Generation 5 movie on Netlfix came out a couple months ago. Plus there’s Pony Life…if that’s still a thing. Given that Generation 4 has come to a close, there’s still some things that I find are worth talking about with it even after new material comes out. With that in mind, one thing that will always be mentioned with the fandom is what they could have done with the show. Just about everyone in the fandom has some ideas that they would have liked to have seen happen in the show and I am no exception to that either as I have shared many of my ideas over the years as the show went on. While some of those may have come true, there’s obviously a fair amount that didn’t and I decided to come and share some of the ideas that didn’t make the mark for the series.


Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon at the School of Friendship/Reconciling with the CMC

You’d think out of all the characters who should go to Twilight’s School of Friendship, it would be these two. It was a bit strange that after the CMC got their cutie marks, Diamond became a background character and Silver basically disappeared until Season Nine. Given the fact that the “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” episode showed that Diamond was basically being bullied by her mom to being one herself, there could’ve been some episodes for her and Silver Spoon trying to do better with the CMC and their classmates or at least learn something at the School of Friendship.


Another Nightmare Night Episode

What can I say, I love Halloween centered episodes. We’ve had plenty of episodes that were about Hearth’s Warming and the winter season, so why not have another Nightmare Night episode.


More Individual Pillar Episodes

Seeing as how Rockhoof got his own episode in Season 8, I was hoping that the other Pillars would have been able to receive their own individual episodes in the series. Obviously, this didn’t happen and they only showed up in minor appearances in the last two seasons. It’s a bit disappointing since it would have been a nice addition to the show and help learn more about each of their personalities. Although the MLP Legends comic does more of them already, I still would have liked to have seen more of them in the show regardless whether it be them adjusting to modern times like Rockhoof or something else entirely.


Another Background Ponies Episode

Probably my favorite idea for Season 5 was making an episodes solely for the background characters that ended up as the 100th episode. I thought it was a fun idea and was surprised they decided to do that for the landmark. Of course as the series went on, there were plenty more characters that I would have loved to have seem get the same treatment, but it obviously didn’t come to fruition. It still would be fun idea to explore some more characters.


More Aquatic Creatures in Equestria

One thing I always did enjoy seeing throughout FiM was the new species that it brought into the series over the years. We’ve gotten to have many different creatures from many different mythologies and I did like most of the ones introduced, but it was a little disappointing that we got little to no aquatic creatures in the series. Aside from Steven Magnet, the sea ponies that were just transformed Hippogriffs and (if you count them) The Dazzlings, there was basically not many water based creatures in the show. It’s a shame that they didn’t dive (no pun intended) into that area as there’s lots of choices from different mythologies. Maybe Gen 5 could throw some in the mix if they ever make a new series from it.


Cadence’s Backstory

I already mentioned this in a previous list involving Celestia Episodes and I’ll say it again: we don’t really know that much about Cadence. Outside of foalsitting Twilight and the comics exploring how she ended up with Shining Armor, she’s received no backstory whatsoever. There are plenty of ideas to throw around like her being Celestia and Luna’s niece, her becoming an alicorn and eventually becoming a princess.

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  1. Fully agreed that there should have been another Nightmare Night episode. Just a chance for the creators to have fun and even, dare I say, get spooky. It does seem unbalanced that there were so many winter episodes and only one for Halloween.

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