Friday was my brother Eric’s birthday and he got to host the open mic that night. So I felt a little extra pressure to deliver a killer routine that would be deserving of his set list. I decided to do an effect with a balloon (they are festive, after all), and after some reading, felt Eric Samuels’ “Inflated Words” prediction would be a good fit. I’m actually surprised it went off as well as it did. I had some issues when rehearsing, but was able to find a change that made it flow much better. Hope you enjoyed the birthday magic, Eric.


I also really need to thank Joe the bartender for providing Jackson with the necessary lighting. Need to make sure I’m better prepared with future routines that require books in a dim setting. Was also pleasantly surprised that my balloon color prediction ended up being a match. I honestly forgot what Eric’s favorite color was and expected him to say something different. So my attempted joke there failed, but it was no big loss.

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