A Tribute to James Avery

Whether he portrayed dangerous opponents, formidable fathers or sagacious mentors, James Avery was always the man reliable for the job. Enjoy my tribute to the late, great James Avery, especially when it comes to his portrayals of The Shredder, Chief Keewazi, and Uncle Phil, everybody.


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2 thoughts on “A Tribute to James Avery

  1. James Avery truly was a stellar actor, always selling his performance to its fullest whether he was on camera or simply speaking into a microphone. I was shocked when I learned he was in an early Fist of the North Star dub – that was one place I never expected him to turn up. I think my favorite of his roles outside Fresh Prince and Ninja Turtles was as James Rhodes (War Machine) in the 90s Iron Man cartoon.

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