2 thoughts on “Olive the Other Reindeer – On the House Podcast

  1. The main problem I have with Olive the Other Reindeer is how it goes out of its way to AVOID being what we think it’s going to be: A story about the reindeer who used to laugh and call Rudolph names (based on a pun from the lyrics of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’), and that reindeer’s chance for redemption.
    That’s what most people would think this would be about. Instead, we get a story about a dog posing as a reindeer, in a universe where Rudolph isn’t even real, he’s just an urban legend. The latter bit would be a cute joke, in any other Christmas special. But this one owes its very existence to an old joke, namely “Who’s the tenth reindeer? Olive the other reindeer.”.
    And I have to ask this: WHY? It reads to me like subverting the audience’s expectations purely for the sake of subverting the audience’s expectations.

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