Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to review the 17th Walt Disney Animated film called 101 Dalmatians, which was released in 1961. This film was a critical and financial success when it came out. It bounced Disney back up when they suffered from the failure of their last film Sleeping Beauty. In my opinion, although I liked this film as a kid, I seem to enjoy this film a lot more now as an adult.
The story is about a dog who marries another dog, and has puppies while an evil heiress does everything in her power to take the puppies away from them. I loved the story from start to finish. The story is well written and it is amazingly executed. The scenes such as the romance between Pogo and Marian, and the scene where Robert was singing on the Piano are good. I loved the heavy hitting scene when the puppies and the dogs were struggling to get home. The climax was amazing, and the ending was good. The story is awesome. I give the story 10 stars.
Fun fact: Because of the box office flop of Sleeping Beauty, the animators decided to use a cheaper method of animation called Xerography. It is a technique used to sketch in lines and quickly animate everything. It is used starting with this film to the Little Mermaid 28 years later. Even though there are a lot of rough edges in the animation, I loved the animation. It is charming and it surprisingly fits in this movie. This animation is superb for this movie because they can make it easier to draw the dots of the dalmatians and they even experimented using 3D with the Cars for this animation. It reminds me of how cartoons from that era were animated using Limited Animation. *cough* Hanna-Barbara *cough*. The animation is beautiful for this movie. I give the animation ten stars.
The characters are amazing. I loved the characters Pogo and Perdita. They are the best Disney couple next to the Incredibles and Bernard/Miss Bianca. The puppies are adorable and I loved each of their traits. Cruella is an amazing villian because of her determination and drive to get the puppies and how she goes crazy if she doesn’t get her way. Best villian from Disney ever made. Jasper and Horace are perfect as Comic reliefs and sidekicks to Cruella. One criticism I will give to the characters are the lack of interactions from Perdita and Roger. They don’t have enough screen time which is disappointing. Aside from that, the characters are solid. I give the characters nine stars.
101 Dalmatians is an excellent Disney film from the company. Although most of the human characters are barely used, the characters, story and animation are wonderful, innovative and good. I would absolutely recommend this movie to families that want to watch a movie about dogs and their puppies. I give this movie 9 stars out of 10.

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