2 thoughts on “James Talks DVDs – Ghostbusters: Afterlife (and the critical backlash)

  1. I just came from Curiosity Inc’s Movie Curiosities review of it, and then I had to see what you (who I think of as probably the biggest Ghostbusters fan on this site) thought of the movie. Curiosity Inc pretty much agreed with your assessment that Phoebe is pretty much the main character of the movie, and many of the other new characters are underdeveloped.

    And yes, everything I’ve heard about Ghostbusters (2016) is that it was basically a corporate cash grab, and not much more than that. It’s hardly even worth talking about anymore.

    I’ve yet to see this movie, and I’m not sure I’m up to seeing movies in theatres just yet, so I probably won’t have the same experience you did: that of seeing this movie with an audience of Ghostbusters fans. But given what you said here, I certainly hope to be able to see it soon.

    1. GB 2016 isn’t worth talking about anymore, which is why I didn’t really get into it’s quality as a film. I’m more disgusted by the disingenuous media reaction to Afterlife. They are so butt hurt over the fact that no one liked GB 2016, which they championed as some sort of a cause, that they feel they must shit on Afterlife. You can say, “Everyone has an opinion,” but I now point to Rotten Tomatoes as the best place to go to see the disparity between critics and the audience. Critics almost universally love GB 2016, fans by-and-large don’t. Critics go negative on Afterlife, fans love it. You can see this with the Star Wars sequels, the new Star Trek shows, Birds of Prey, Doctor Who, and so many more – critics that grab onto a movie or show as a cause, fans who are turned off because they just want to enjoy a good movie without being lectured. And, when fans and critics disagree, the media calls the fans “toxic.” Is it any wonder that, even though movie theaters have been re-opened for months now, people still aren’t going back in the kind of numbers they used to? The days of the billion dollar blockbuster are probably over.

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