Skyheart C. TellyMime – Emily Rose

Skyheart D. TellyMime – Katherine Beresford

Skyheart G. TellyMime- Katherine Grams

Writer and Executive Producer – Vincent Avridor François

Produced and Edited by Yarnel M. N.

Music – RetroCirq Sound Machine

Original Characters and Likeness © 2021 Yard Lion Digital Entertainment, LLC.



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2 thoughts on “Mime Representation | TellyMimes Across the Pond

  1. I won’t lie – this is a subject I never really thought about before. But you raise a good point – I can think of countless examples from old cartoons and sitcoms where mimes were just used as a punchline. Really, I think the only time I saw it depicted respectfully was in the Muppet Show episode with Shields and Yarnell.

    Hopefully the artform will garner more respect from the public with performers like you giving the craft the respect it deserves. And we are seeing some headway over here in the states with the work of Billy the Mime, who’s become a bit of an underground comic sensation (his silent renditions of dirty jokes like The Aristocrats are legendary)

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