August 16, 2022

Hey Guys! Gerawallstar here, and I am here to review the 1977 Disney film Pete’s Dragon. This is an interesting film to review for me, because I never saw the original Pete’s Dragon growing up, and I was curious to see what the film was like since I hear a lot of criticisms from the original and some praises of the animation of the dragon. Unfortunately after I saw the film, I kind of have to agree with the critics who bash this film. My issue with this film is that it doesn’t have a clear focus on what it wants to be. The film loses its direction in the story with its ridiculously slow pacing and dull moments. That’s not the only problem I have with Pete’s Dragon. My other problem with the film is that the film barely focuses on the boy Pete and his pet Dragon. The film wants to deliberately cash in on the success of Mary Poppins with being a musical and witty. In the long run the songs and the characters are very forgettable. I couldn’t remember a lot of the songs. The “Bill for Sale” song annoyed me with the annoying redneck adopted parents of Pete singing , and the “Passamaquody” song was trying way too hard to be like the “Supercallafragallischdocious” song from the original Mary Poppins. Even the villain is kind of underwhelming. A few praises I have from this film are the relationship between Pete and his Dragon Elliott. They don’t focus it too much, but the scenes where they do focus on it is very strong. I liked the animation design of Elliott the Dragon. Fun fact: the animation was designed by the legendary Don Bluth, which was his first time as an animation director. I liked the song”Razzle Dazzle day”, and the award nominated song “Candle on the Water”. I also liked the Nora character. She is a lot of fun. Overall, this movie is forgettable and dull at the same time. I liked the animation design of Elliott, the relationship between Pete and Elliott the dragon, but the songs, awful pacing, and being an unfocused film prevents me from giving this film a good score. Its overly long, and a chore to sit through. I know im repeating myself with this, but the movie is that forgettable. I give this film a 5/10.

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