Hey guys! Gerawallstar here and I am here to do a review on Toy Story 4. I have mixed feelings on this film.
The story is about Woody Buzz and the Toys go on a Road Trip with Forky. The story is fine. It has it’s good moments. The problem I have with the story is that its really boring. There are some scenes that drag and some unfunny moments. I wanted this movie to explore various locations like in the previous Toy Story movies. But instead, the whole movie takes place at a fair. Its not bad but I wanted the film to explore more scenes. The good thing I liked about the story is the ending. The ending was very emotional and poignant because it was when woody was leaving the Toys. Although I have a feeling that if they make the next movie, Woody is probably going to go back. The beginning was good too. And there were some funny moments between Forky. The story is dull. I give the story five stars.
The animation is breathtaking. It’s even better than the third movie. The backgrounds of the fair are unbelievable where they make it look like a real fair. The lighting was fantastic. I loved how the light reflected Forky in one scene. The characters designs are top notch. The colors are very good too. The only nitpick I have is the design of Andy. He looks like a typical child. I wished that they kept his old design from the third movie. The animation is breathtaking. PIXAR didnt have to go to the extra mile in the visuals but they did. I give the animation ten stars.
The characters are forgettable. Woody and Bonnie are fine. Buzz was reduced to a one dimensional idiot. It was annoying. The new characters such as Ducky and Bunny were obnoxious. Lastly the worst thing about this film is that it barely uses the toys from the first three movies. Which to me, is a huge disappointment, because the three previous movies utilized all of the toys great, and the characters such as Jessie, Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potoato Head, etc were what made the movies so memorable. It’s a shame that they didnt use them in this movie that much. The characters I did enjoy was surprisingly Bo Peep. Unlike in the other three movies, she was fleshed out more here and her relationship with Woody was the heart of the movie. Gabby Gabby is an interesting antihero where she acts all villainy in the movie but she finds a new owner who was upset in the end. I loved her character Development. Forky is decent. The characters are forgettable and barely even used, which is why I’m giving the characters 4 stars.
Toy Story 4 is a fine PIXAR movie. But for a film coming off of the Toy Story trilogy, it is a disappointment. It has stunning animation, fantastic ending and most fleshed out characters. But the lack of interactions from previous characters, dry story and forgettable characters are what brings this movie down a lot. Im sorry for those that are upset with my thoughts about this film. I wouldn’t be so hard on this movie if it was made to exist, but the real purpose of this film is to make Money. Its heart is in the right place but to put this nicely, its forgettable. I’m giving this movie 6 stars out of 10

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