We end our look at the Muppet Babies Halloween episode with this episode about trying new things.   It’s cute and nice to see something different being done with a Halloween episode.

The Plot


Kermit shows up in the nursery and Nanny has made ghost pancakes and Kermit doesn’t want to try them because they aren’t like the ones that his mom makes and he knows that he just won’t like them.  That’s when new character, Summer decides to tell a ghost story and that is all about getting Kermit to try something new.  It’s cute as the kids take on various Halloween personalities.


It’s set in a Halloween town where they all love the holiday and Summer introduces these ghost pancakes into the story and they keep messing things up and at one point, the ghost pancakes become well ghost pancakes.



It is funny in seeing how many different ways the kids try to defeat these ghost pancakes including squirting syrup at them.  They don’t stop Kermit’s character in the story that Summer is telling tries the pancakes and he finds out that he likes them.  It’s revealed that Kermit didn’t want to try the pancakes because he’s afraid of trying new things.  I get that as it can be a bit scary to try as you don’t know the outcome.




Kermit voiced by Matt Danner



This episode hits on an element that you don’t see a lot with Kermit.  He can be quite stubborn and that is on display in spades here as his stubbornness gets the best of him and it isn’t until he stops being so stubborn that the ghost pancakes stop scaring the kids.




Try Something New


This song is alright and serves the episode well but it’s nothing too memorable.



My Final Thoughts


This is a fun and cute episode that does something different with a Halloween episode.  If you have any young relatives,  these two episodes are great fun for them.  Join me next time as we close out this Muppet event with the biggest thing coming from The Muppets for the Halloween season.





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