We continue our Muppety Halloween mayhem as we look at the Halloween episodes of the Disney Junior reboot of Muppet Babies.  Both of these are pretty cute and do capture the spirit of the original quite well.  What is the plot of the episode? It’s one I relate to, in that you don’t have to be too scary/spooky to enjoy Halloween.  And Fozzie is quite a great character to use in this plot.

The Plot


The Muppet Babies are having a Halloween party and each of the kids have a super spooky costume (at least for kids) save for Fozzie and he feels left out and wants to try and scare his friends.   Yeah, Fozzie trying to scare others goes as well as you might think.



Still, it’s cute in watching him try and fail repeatedly.  You know almost feel bad for the poor guy.  He even sets up a Haunted Playground and well, it’s less scary than when Fluttershy tried to scare her friends.




Animal realizes that Fozzie needs his help and turns himself into a ghost and that works in scaring the other kids.  It’s cute and Fozzie jokes the ghost out of existence.  This ties back into the lesson of how you don’t have to be scary to enjoy the holiday.





Fozzie voiced by Eric Bauza



Fozzie was a lot of fun to watch in this episode and you do not want to root for him to be scary even as he keeps failing but that is true to Fozzie’s nature. He tries but it’s cute in watching him try his best in being scary.





Super Spooky Halloween



Oh, Fozzie you are trying your hardest to be scary and it’s just so cute because you aren’t scary.  I’ve used this word once before but it fits with Fozzie.




Cute is just the right word for this episode as that is what this is and it’s so perfect, to sum up, everything.



My Final Thoughts


As I’ve said, it’s a cute and fun episode for young kids to have fun with the holiday and see that it’s okay to just be silly around this time of year and that just because others are scary, that doesn’t mean you have to be.  Join me next time as we look at the second half of this Halloween episode.



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