This piece of Arnold x Phoebe, Gerald x Cecile, Harold x Patty, Stinky x Sheena, and Sid x Nadine fan art, which I drew when I was a 17-year-old high school junior approaching to be an 18-year-old high school senior, is dedicated to LollyKittyPaws, DragoniaX, HolyGlob, fanfics4ever, ABD-illustrates, AwkardOddOne, Wickfield, chacckco, Koku-chan, Dwaynimations, Skanneri, OMundoDeThon, Eleanorose123, AmandaHenriquez, tjota, Whyboy, CyborgNekoSica, RexDevourerOfSouls18, xeternalflamebryx, DarkBane95, SouthJerseySam, ITBluebeadTI, transformers3roxCB, Toonman1508, xmysticaldreamsx, MoofCookie, Puffjaved02, Catherine-Cathy, superkeegan9100, RailToonBronyFan3751, cmara, Chopfe, eyugho, NagisaSenpai128, Averylilith, AwesomeAddison, Mama-Monstrosity, jajuruns90rebels, YndaAB, Paula4679fangirl, COMICGIRL1155, EUGENETICS, SamiBubblesPPG, Stormy-Gurl, thisCCchik, W3st3rnM0n3T, I-see-no-Bottle, Juliahtf, Wordgirlserenity67, amantepokemon, Landsverk96, SXEZC, StellasStar, little-ampharos, Siberean12, SethMendoza, TF-KidoNightmare, kanamelover101, Mistress-Kagura, C16B, x-Memoire-x, Miiroku, xavierhaven, everettosenpai, tabikori, zephleit, TomoeOtohime, LadyMarigold, spr-out, Reelovespina, Crazy-Lsh, SheilaMB-Photographs, sangostrife, laeity, sora02, mylittlejoy, nebai, Naragon, Kimmy-Tsunami, SephiArt, tailfluffgirl, doragonnomizu, ToPpeRa-TPR, HoshisamaValmor, Tri-85, Die-Valquiria, okanakao, RivaAnime, Nariko-Lily, Jusbene, MollyMaster96, Dayi-nya, FoodAssassinClive, BlackLightning95, Sis-chan, Yuki119, altrilast13, Meatblaze, JFMstudios, wobblyfox, Prywinko, YoRuMi-Chii, TRADT-PRODUCTION, NanakoBlaze, AwesomeAmber-669, V0IDSPACER, Sapphirestone91099, KatyGorl, Warriorgirlxp, kaorinha123, Prodigious-Forks, Violet-Petunia, toongrowner, HaleysComett, Saurit, MewShuu, JoshuaOrro, klutzgirl13 :iconklutzgirl13:, Artfrog75 :iconartfrog75:, MarJulSanSil, Tiffuh, XxCutieShippingxX, DKCissner, lordtrigonstar, Rei-Hikaru, wolfenhart, AO968, AttaGirl-Wumo, Bob-Raigen, Cross-Light, YoukaiYume, RainbowChibbit, corleonese1, AIFOS-Art, Rena-Sama, The-Resident-Jinx, kaykeyser, cutie-petunia, SapphireSonicmaster, anoriel-rose, Aldrine2004, CATGIRL0926, Mendakarson, PPGcomic, t3h3r3ee, CrawfordJenny, AriBanks, SunriseAzzurra2004, EatingCake101, PJToon75, Shaami, DianSanpel, mogemot, Anigirl5, irishgirl982, Blakstorm78, MotoNeko, Cl0wrii, OnyxEngie, AvocadoAvenue, Saschy123, waiiren, princessnina, LexxLife, Latte-Dah, G3N3, sbrigs, BrickercupMasterX3, hyperbubbles64, Blueelephant7, Fairloke, abskiem, glittermuffins, libertyligma, Nightrizer, LarisaTheUnicorn11, Glittergirl202, NatalieSaly, HMontes, extrin6, mochiprincesz, and AniMat505 who celebrated their birthdays ranging from barely two months ago to today. So, I hope you all had such magnificent birthdays, and I wish you a lot of love and joy in your lives as artists and as people. This is also dedicated to Hey Arnold’s 25th anniversary. Sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy what I did when I was in my teens. It may not look spectacular to anybody’s standards, but I hope it resonates with you as much as it resonated with me.

I know looking at this now as an adult that it looks like my old shame, as this was initially made for a project-based final exam I did for my high school’s information and communications or computer class exam where we had to create our own website. I had zero idea of drawing outlines, hands, and all of the fine details to the point where what I accomplished nowadays makes what I accomplished as a teenager a masterpiece by sheer comparison. However, when I was drawing this as a 17-year-old high-schooler, it did not matter one bit because I had a potent, profound, and deep love for Hey Arnold that knew no boundaries. As you can tell, this was how I envisioned my five favourite Hey Arnold couples in their twenties. With Hey Arnold approaching its 25th anniversary, I thought it would be nice to release the very first piece of fan art I drew when I was a teenager. During the show’s run on Nickelodeon throughout the 90s to the early 2000s, I did not really think about drawing fan art or writing fan fiction about Hey Arnold until I was in my teens. Now, I am happy that I have taken those as a teenager which I will never forget, despite my lack of confidence in uploading let alone publishing this piece of work on the internet.

For those who currently know my only piece of work revolving around my favourite Hey Arnold pairings, you might find yourselves thinking, “Hold it! I thought you mainly shipped Gerald with Rhonda. Who is that other red-haired girl?” I am glad you asked. That red-haired girl in the blue dress is Cecile who is Arnold’s French penpal from “Arnold’s Valentine”. When I initially saw this episode as a youngster, I was enamoured with the thought of Gerald and Cecile as a couple because I thought they were adorable together. That same sentiment stuck with me as a teenager. Nowadays, I think Gerald would be happier with Rhonda because they can continuously challenge each others’ notions, and Cecile would be happier with Lorenzo because they can surprise each other in very fabulous ways. Therefore, with that deliberation being set in motion, I shall stay a loyal Gerald x Rhonda and Lorenzo x Cecile partisan for the rest of my natural life.

When it comes to Arnold x Phoebe, Harold x Patty, Stinky x Sheena, and Sid x Nadine, I have always paired them up ever since I was a child, especially with Harold x Patty being the couple I knew from watching the episode “Hey Harold” that I was going to be the most loyal partisan towards thanks to their interpersonal chemistry, thus becoming my number one most favourite Hey Arnold couple in terms of quality. In terms of quantity, I have been the most loyal Arnold x Phoebe shipper in the world thanks to their common personalities with their intelligence, kindness, and compassion. Stinky x Sheena is the couple I would gladly call the two sweethearts in green, given their common attraction to the natural and their sympathetic personalities. Sid x Nadine is a couple I adore because of how surprisingly healthy their synergy would be thanks to their fascination with insects and various mysteries that nature has to offer. I have always been an Arnold x Phoebe, Harold x Patty, Stinky x Sheena, and Sid x Nadine shipper ever since I was a child, I will continue living as one, and I will certainly die as one.

This Hey Arnold couple fan art might be over 11 years old, but I will never forget the fond memories I had drawing the four couples I love to this day and one couple I used to love when I was a child but now like as a grown-up.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I will see you in the next submission. Take care, stay safe, and keep on showing your love for Hey Arnold.

Arnold, Phoebe, Gerald, Cecile, Harold, Patty, Stinky, Sheena, Sid, and Nadine from Hey Arnold belong to Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon.

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