We have reached the second entry in this year’s Villains Profile as we look at the true villain of High School Musical 3. And I’m sorry but I can’t get over her name, Tiara Gold. As an ex-friend of mine pointed out once that name sounds like she should be related to Diamond Tiara.



As ridiculous as Sharpay’s name is,  at least it doesn’t sound like something from a children’s cartoon.




Jemma McKenzie-Brown


I will admit that this is the only role I’ve seen McKenzie-Brown in and her other credits seem rather sparse.  Having said that, she does well in the role and it seemed like she was having a good time.




The best way to describe Tiara’s personality is to say that she’s fake.  She presents herself as someone that wishes to serve Sharpay’s every whim but that is just a ruse.  This is later seen in the third act of the movie where Tiara reveals her true nature as she is seen in a dress much like one Sharpay owns.  This’ll tie into what her grand desire is when we get to that.




I do like how Tiara hides who she is for so long



First Appearance


Tiara’s first appearance also ties into the fakeness of who she is as she shows up at Sharpay’s locker with her schedule all ready to go.



I also appreciate how her introduction is quite different from Sharpay’s where when Sharpay enters the room, she wants the world to stop whereas Tiara takes her time to reveal herself.  And that is in a way speaks to how Tiara is the type of villain that reveals her true nature.  And as this exchange reveals,


Sharpay Evans: But… you were so loyal. And sweet.

Tiara Gold: That’s called acting. You should try it sometime.


Ooh, that’s rough.


Grand Desire



Tiara is the type of villain where she wants to take over another character’s life.  She spells this out when she reveals her true nature to Sharpay by telling her, that she wants everything Sharpay has.  It’s small but effective and you do get a great sense of how far she is willing to go.


Most Evil Deed



I’ll be honest and say that this one is tough to call as she hides her true motive for so long in the film but I believe that in getting the information that Gabriella has been accepted to Stanford and passing that information onto Sharpay.





A Night to Remember



This song ties into how  Tiara wishes to upstage Sharpay but Sharpay will not go down without a fight and in a way, it becomes a diva off.





Again, Tiara doesn’t exactly lose as much as she is put in her place as it revealed that Sharpay will be helping Ms. Darbus in running the drama department after she graduates.  Who better to keep an eye on the Future Sharpay than the Original.



Is Tiara Gold A Good Villain?



She’s fine and it is nice that the movie pulls the rug from out underneath the audience as you are expecting Sharpay to once again be the villain and that does seem to be the case at first but Tiara is quite a bit sharper than that. Join me next time as we venture into the first time that this series gave us a spin-off as we look at the villain of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.  



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