As I said last time, this episode is even better for the Haloween season as we look at the Alice Cooper episode.  Alice Cooper is just so perfect for this time of year as he embodies the spirit of the season and the episode amps up the weirdness because of it.  Its starts perfectly with Welcome to My Nightmare


It’s such a fun way to kick off the episode and sets the Halloween/monstrous mood so well.   There is an interesting throughline where the Muppets seem afraid of Alice Cooper being on the show as a lot of spooky things are happening.   I love how in the cold open Alice Cooper proudly claims all these monsters that are all around him.  There is also a funny thing with a Faustian deal that Kermit is afraid of but Gonzo would sell his soul to sign it.


Piggy does sign it and it turns her into a weird-looking creature.  The throughline of everything being unsettling and weird since Alice Cooper arrived is so perfect and just makes this whole episode quite a blast. Much like Vincent Price in the first season, he fits in perfectly with the monsters bringing more of his rock edge as seen in the School’s Out for Summer segment.


The best part of this episode is you could see how much fun Alice Cooper had with the Muppets and that translates to being a fun time for everyone involved and also for the audience.


My Final Thoughts


Once again, another solid episode that is a blast for this time of year, and that makes it such a fun time for all.  It’s hard to choose a favorite moment from this episode because they all work so well.  For the next three reviews, I’ll be spending time with the Muppet Babies.  First up is the first issue of the old Muppet Babies Comic.








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