2 thoughts on “MLP: A New Generation – FULL REVIEW

  1. Hope you had fun with whatever you did watch ^^ Sorry for the late response XP

    I swear, Off to See the World sounds like it took the beat from Eye of the Tiger and played it on a synthisized violin. I might’ve wanted to hear it in the movie, if the movie had been the rip-roaring adventure quest that the trailer made it look like, full of good times and whimsy and such. As is, with their more scattershot “let’s do this now” approach, yeah, it kinda plays like they wanted a selling point song from Lucas Graham. Probably for the best that they put it where they did (which is ironic, because it sounds more like the dance party ending song than Sia’s, which sounds like it would fit perfectly over the credits).
    Not much to object to on Equestria Girls. I might personally rank 3 ahead of 2, but yeah, they’re ALL sort of got-the-job-done, 7/10, adequately lovable work-within-your-limits cuteness.

  2. I’ll probably see the whole video later, but here are my thoughts on the discussion in the first ten minutes.
    The MLP: Friendship is Magic movie had its moments. The songs I thought were good, but I thought the Plot Mandated Friendship Failure seemed kind of forced and inorganic.
    It did seem kind of weird to me that there was a ‘Dance Party Ending’, but it was set to Sia’s ‘Rainbow’, a slower, more somber song (as opposed to the more upbeat songs in Dreamworks’ ‘Dance Party Endings’ such as the Shrek movies). It did, as you said, fit the bittersweet tone.
    The song that came after that in the credits, “We’re Off the See the World” felt to me like it belonged in the closing credits of a One Piece movie rather than this one. It’s a song about people going off to see the world in search of their dreams — which is what the protagonists of the popular anime One Piece do. The only characters in the MLP:FIM movie it MIGHT fit in with are the pirate crew Rainbow Dash gives the pep talk to with ‘Awesome’ (and who become the Mane Six’s friends and allies), but that could be a stretch.
    As for Equestria Girls, I think each of the movies has their great moments, but at the moment Rainbow Rocks is probably my favorite, with the first one and the third one tied for second.

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