Ah, the joy of maintaining a normal weight for my height. It is not only the fact that slimmer clothing fit me so much better, but there is that additional guarantee that my mobility and my independence are never going to be compromised. After years of attempting to put the brakes on my own weight problems, I feel like I have solved the puzzle of how to tackle them.

This year’s weight loss progress was slower than I thought because I did have moments of weakness. However, I am still proud to know that I have conquered my own obesity problems. Knowing the devastating obesity had on me and on the people I care for made me so much motivated to say no to excessive lust for food and alcohol and yes to discipline and health. I would love to end up at between 10 to 9 stone (140 to 126 lbs or 63.5 kg to 57.2 kg) because I know I would be much happier in this weight range. Nevertheless, I am still proud of myself that I came this far.

I may not be a health expert, but even I know that obesity should never be normalized. Obesity is onerous to one’s independence, self-esteem, self-confidence, and it should never be celebrated. I should know because I and some of my family members were there. So, let us stop obesity dead in its tracks right now.

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