I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and it’s my EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY! (Cut to a moment of Fireworks and Ode To Joy playing as eight hands unite. Cut to James in his office as booming thuds are heard and James is shaken out of frame. Cut to Chad as he continues to try and break through the door as Black Flames engulf his eyes)

Chad Narducci (Demonic Sounding):
AND IT WILL BE YOUR LAST WHEN I LAY MY HANDS UPON YOU. (Cut to James as he composes himself.)

And as you can tell, it’s been a bit chaotic, I’m on lockdown, AGAIN! This time in the studio and from what I gathered, everything points to an old nemesis, that nearly got the win had it not been for my friends at the time, now the friends I have and need are indisposed! But in the meanwhile, let’s see what DC has in store for me. (Cut to the opening credit of “Wonder Woman 1984”. Cut to James as he drops his head on the table with a very loud thud.)

Which will finish me off first? Chad or the movie? Find out here

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