In this episode of From Pilot to Final Product, Patricia evaluates the 2010 animated series Adventure Time from Cartoon Network by looking back on its pilot from 2007 that originally aired on Nickelodeon on a show called Random! Cartoons. In addition to the pilot, Patricia also takes a look into the story bible of Adventure Time and finds out what similarities and changes took place from its transition from one animation network that didn’t want it and suffered because of it to another animation network that desperately needed it and flourished.

Click on the link below to check out CBR’s article analyzing the Land of Ooo’s map was in the story bible to the eventual show.

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1 thought on “From Pilot to Final Product: Adventure Time

  1. Interesting that the voice actors for Finn were related. I never knew that. And I do agree that Ice King is one of Tom Kenny’s best roles (though my personal favorite is Starscream), though I do think John Kassir did a good job in the pilot.

    Can’t believe I never picked up on the connection between Finn’s name and Finn McCool until now.

    I admit I was never the biggest fan of Adventure Time – it was an okay show, but never really thought it was great and it seemed to get too overly complicated for its own good with its work/mythos building. Even then, though, it didn’t deserve to be treated like garbage by Nickelodeon. That being said, if it had been picked up as pitched, it probably wouldn’t have been as good without Pendleton taking time to refine the work, so perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

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