I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and Yeah still at home, and in Quarantine but guess what It’s once again time for “In Defense Of…”(Show pics of maligned pieces of pop culture while the fanfare from the Olympics play and James comes up after Vanilla Ice slides back and his right hand thumbs up and the words “In Defense Of…” before cutting to James physically.)

You know what I miss the most during this Quarantine? Going fishing and going to the beach! (Cut to the Intro to the Baywatch TV Series then clips of the series as James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
When people think of the 1990’s syndicated series “Baywatch” the following immediately comes to mind. “David Hasselhoff”, “Pamela Anderson”, “Cheesy”, “Stupid”, “Dumb”, “T & A”, “Soft Soft core Adult Entertainment” and of course if you’re in the Internet Reviewer community “Allison Pregler”. But be that as it may, a lot of people actually found the series entertaining enough to make it the Number One Syndicated Series for several years and it is because of most of it. It was the right amount of dumb, the right amount of stupid, the right amount of cheese. But since the series went under for the last time in 2001 with the cancelation of “Baywatch Hawaii” the series has grown more of a following because of Allison Pregler because of her series “Baywatching”. However many have used “Baywatching” to further make the series look dumber than it is. Okay granted it is dumb but it is a fun dumb!

Who will want my backside first after reading this? Allison Pregler? David Hasselhoff? Germany? Find out here

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