I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and Yeah still at home, and yeah even after my mental meltdown earlier this month, I’m still going just like a great white shark. Speaking of them, Have I ever said anything about the JAWS movies? (Cut to clips from all four of the “JAWS” movies as James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
And really there is a bit to like about all of them whether it’s the original which had Roy Scheider as Chief Brody, Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper and Robert Shaw as Quint taking on a gigantic Great White Shark that would dwarf the longest dock in the fictional Amity Island, the first sequel that had the burned shark and Chief Brody dealing with PTSD from the firstshark attack, The laughable Three Dimensional effects, story and of course Dennis Quaid in JAWS 3D, then of course there is the ridiculously hilarious melodrama and of course Michael Caine in JAWS: The Revenge. All four sprung from the story by Peter Benchley about a great white shark that decides to territorialize itself to the fictional Amity Island where it is up to local Fisherman Quint, Police Chief Brody and Marine Biologist Hooper to stop the shark and today I’m going to count down ten of the dumbest moments from all four of these movies! There will be spoilers, laughs and other moments that’ll leave you wondering what they were thinking when it came to the fate of poor Bruce! (Cut to James in his room)

So let’s put the man in the cage, put the cage in the water, put the man in the water because the shark is in the water! Our shark and enjoy the top ten Dumbest moments from The JAWS movies

Which ten moments didn’t just jump the shark, they blew up? Find out here

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