I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and Yeah still at home, still waiting for this damned Coronavirus to go away. But this did give me time to reconnect to something I forgot but still cared about. The series that made me see the power of the internet and how any idea can succeed! (Cut to the title card of “Life As A Mermaid” Cut to clips of the show as James does a voiceover.)

Directed and co-created by the beautifully talented Julia Alexa Miller and Chad Narducci. Written by Holden Weihs, Yale Apter, Ryan Brennan and a plethora of talent in both in front of the camera and behind the camera. This series had great acting, great writing, perfunctory direction and production value and even though it has ended two years ago, does the series as a whole hold up? (Cut to James in his room)

Well let’s find out. Now please note, I’m going through mini-sodes that work in the plot of the main seasons, specials and I am going to look at the series through the fact they have been worked into movies because all the episodes from each season, even if it was filler were made into movies. But if I missed say a short in which Cam and Valerie make Bathtub soap bombs, then it’s not essential to the series. My mind set is “What is the essential to the series itself is what matters to the review.”

Join me as I go through a series through the eyes of a fan and the person who must review it right here

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