In our 9th anniversary episode, we take a look back at the novelization of a webcast that might have saved Doctor Who from the Wilderness Years before Russell T. Davies brought the show back in ’05.
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1 thought on “The ORIGINAL Ninth Doctor? (Scream of the Shalka Novelization Review) – The Literary Lair

  1. First off, happy 9th anniversary. Congratulations on going for so long.

    On to the subject of the video, I still need to check out Scream of the Shalka. I have yet to watch the full special (though I did see Eli’s review of it.) Never knew it helped launch the trend of animated reconstructions for the missing episodes. I can also see how this might have served as groundwork for the reboot series, with the Doctor wanting to remain detached from humanity but his empathy forcing him to get personally involved with those he meet. Not really too keen on the “settling down on Gallifrey” premise either.

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