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Marx-ist Propaganda returns as the Brothers go to war, but like football, they also play in the comedy leagues!

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2 thoughts on “Duck Soup (1933) Review | Marx-ist Propaganda

  1. Great to see Marx-ist Propaganda back. Hopefully you won’t run into any more issues with the bots.

    I used to be a big fan of Duck Soup, though looking back on the movie I don’t really think it holds up that well. It feels a bit too unfocused in its chaos, if that makes sense. Still has a lot of great comedic moments (and as you said, some of Groucho’s best lines), but the story falls flat in several areas. I agree with Thalberg that it lacked any serious connecting narrative and suffered for it.

    Also, I was not expecting a shout out to the duck song… ohhhhhh, because it’s Duck Soup. Clever. That’s layered.

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