Hey there, this is YardLionREW here wanting to share with you an important announcement:

We want to thank you for supporting “Stuck on the Telly” over the last year when Inna Z was the host and we hope you’ve enjoyed Katie Merp as Vivianna.
Don’t worry, she’ll stick around with us here on REW as the host of Off-Air Extra.
As you know this is a new year and there comes new changes, “Stuck on the Telly” will soon be known simply as Stuck on the Screen or simply on air as Stuck.
And we have three new hosts:
Lynette played by Australian Actress Natasha McDonald
Bex played by Model/Actress Rebecca Écarlate
and Michelle J. as herself.
While the premise and idea will continue, we will be making plenty of changes to the series, especially after the season premiere you saw here on Manic Expression.
Bear with us, as Stuck is going in a whole new level. Stay tuned.

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