I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and possibly 99.Ad infinitum percent of every Italian on this PLANET and a lot of yours
and Welcome to another edition of Reality Checkout! (Cut to Video Purchasing Store checkout counter in which John Santos is a brainless idiot purchasing Reality TV series while James is the clerk who looks at the guy as if he were an idiot and slowly gets angry and does him a favor by buying him a copy of all the seasons of the restarted “Doctor Who” series as he takes the Reality TV series and places them in Port-a-Potty along with a lit stick of Dynamite and then James runs like hell as an image of Kim Kardashian is seen covered in fecal matter and the only clean part is the words “Reality Checkout” while the theme from “Welcome Freshmen” plays in the background before cutting back to James physically.)

Believe it or not I had this rolling around in my head ever since James Gandolfini had passed away. Originally I was going to ask whether or not the HBO drama “The Sopranos” were the worst thing to happen to New Jersey or Italians. Then I realized several things. One) “The Sopranos” whist set in New Jersey was as fictional as all get out, Two) I would be disrespecting Mr. Gandolfini’s legacy by talking bad about his series and comparing it to what I’m about to talk about after I make my next point which leads to my final point, Three) This series is a bigger insult to Italians and New Jersey than “The Sopranos” EVER could be!

Get ready for this Italian to order these Stronzos to go! Here

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