Happy anniversary, Manic Expression! Nine years later and here we are. People have tried to knock us down, and in 2020 they almost succeeded, but we have endured as we always have. As we approach our first decade, I look back and feel tremendous gratitude for having been a part of this very special site. My hope is that we can adapt and grow in the 2020s, evolving into a new and even stronger community. This is not MY site, this is OUR site, and I always welcome ideas and participation. As Moviefan12 once said, “We’re all the stars here, so just keep on shining brightly.”

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4 thoughts on “James Talks DVDs – Manic Expression: Creative Chaos & Happy Anniversary!

  1. I am beyond happy that the site has survived and bounced back so many times, and I have a feeling it will continue to thrive for years to come. Thank you for all that you’ve done, James. You and everyone else who has poured so much into this site and its projects.

  2. In many ways I still think we shouldn’t have made Creative Chaos for the aggrandizing reasons, but I still consider it the best thing I’ve ever worked on, the projects like this were a blast, it was more than just putting out a new piece of content, there were headaches, but this was FUN, and it was made more fun by working with people to do it.

    Happy anniversary.

    1. The reason I don’t really worry about the aggrandizing issue is that, while we were complementary toward each other, the doc wasn’t about “look how amazing James is” or “Isn’t Decker the greatest YouTuber ever!?” It was more about how this group of people found each other and made something special.

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