I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and The views I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. If I didn’t make it crystal clear last year I really, really, REALLY love the series “Life As A Mermaid”! (Cut to clips of “Life As A Mermaid” while the music from the opening credits to the show is being played in the foreground as James does a voiceover.)

TLOTA (Voiceover):
Conceived by the very talented Julia Alexa Miller & Chad Narducci, based on a story by Ryan Patton with the series mainly written by Yale Apter & Holden Weihs with the series primarily directed by Julia Alexa Miller and produced by Validus Productions. The series follows two mermaids. Madison played by Taylor Huff and her sister Valerie played by Marcella Di Pasquale and the adventures they have in our world with their friends. It may sound simple however there is so much greatness in the simplicity and there’s a lot to like about the show. The writing is incredibly strong, the acting is phenomenal, the production value might not be Hollywood level but it is so damned impressive it gives Hollywood a run for it’s money and as of this post, they’re getting ready for their fourth season which for me is great because I hope they continue this great series. But for now I’m celebrating the series so far by counting down my favorite episodes, minisodes & specials from one of the best series on YouTube out there. (Cut to James physically)

But let me suffix this now, I will possibly revive this list later on down the line. In addition I will eventually be doing mini-reviews of the seasons and for those who haven’t seen the series, well… Doctor if you would. (Cut to a clip of the Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Husbands Of River Song” as The Doctor says “Spoilers” and looks out to the landscape of Darillium before cutting to James physically) Thank You Doctor. This is a list of my Ten favorite episodes of “Life As A Mermaid”

Which episodes are ten of the best of a web series that is awesome? Find out here

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