Welcome to the season premiere of “Stuck on the Telly”.


Starting this season, we will be coming to you monthly on Yard Lion REW. And to kick things off, we have to say goodbye to Skyheart Z. TellyMime who has been a part of this series since day one. Since she’s gone to new ventures, her replacement Vivianna, the daughter of Vivi zeMime, will have to recap and review on how this series came to be.

An Original Series from YardLionREW

“Stuck on the Telly”

Inna…..Skyheart Z/Skyler McNulty
Katherine Grams……Vivianna/Vivie zeMime

Executive Producer
Vincent Avridor François

Associate Producer
Yarnel Nicolas

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2 thoughts on “Stuck on the Telly Season Premiere

  1. We’re going to miss you, Skyheart, but wishing you the best in your future endeavors. Keep that rebel nature of yours thriving.
    But I’m certain the show is in good hands with Vivianna. Looking forward to seeing what she brings to the series.

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