TLOTA: I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and The views I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. (Cut to classic South Park intro then clips of the 20th season as James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover): The recent season of “South Park” got me back into watching the series after they had attacked people with Autism and Aspergers’ having been diagnosed with it when I was a teen and had a few good storylines going for it to bring me back to the series, one of them being Kyle’s dad being a troll and what I had hoped that for his character would be to suffer all the indignities that would befall being a troll. But sadly apparently Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton changed every storyline and forced the writers to apparently say being a Troll is okay. (Cut to James Physically)

TLOTA: Uhhhhhhh NO! NO IT IS NOT ALRIGHT TO BE A TROLL! A troll is the lowest form of scum on the Internet! They should NOT get away with trying to force their thoughts and opinions and basically live off of hatred! I should know, I used to be one.

Can my story on how I evolved from a pathetic Internet Troll to something better save others from being a troll? Find out here

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