Bryan Cranston is one of the biggest names in Hollywood thanks to his breakout role as Walter White on Breaking Bad.  Long before that, he was the dad on Malcolm in the Middle, and one year after that show debuted on Fox, Cranston could be seen in this Disney Channel Christmas movie.  ‘Twas The Night is a movie that I think can best be described as generic. Not bad but generic. This is something that I’ll go into a bit more when we look at the plot. Again, it’s not bad but there isn’t a whole lot to it.

With that out the way, let’s begin and get to the plot.
The Plot
The plot is admittedly simple. As we follow a troubled man, Nick Wrigley.  Okay, these Christmas movies love using names that align with Santa. He’s hacked by some dweebs and goes on the run and decides to go to this brother’s house and hide out there. He’s not exactly thrilled to see him. Can’t blame him as the guy is a bit of a loser.  He ends up hanging out with his nephew Danny and at one Santa shows up and using a device to freeze time, things go awry as they knock Santa out. And they take the sleigh using it to deliver presents while Nick also steals presents. It’s not a good look.  And honestly, it falls into the annoying trap of liar revealed at the end.
Danny’s younger siblings go with Santa in the hopes of getting his sleigh back, there are some fun moments there but this Santa is just unlikeable and there is no real warmth to him. Which is something that I think is always needed when playing Santa.  The movie ends with Nick confronting the dweebs that he was running from and using a device to turn one of his tormentors into a cast member of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids hopes to make amends for his past actions.
Yeah, this movie is okay but not great. The only reason to watch it is to see an early role of Bryan Cranston.
My Final Thoughts
Skipping characters because I have nothing to say about them here. Again, this movie isn’t bad but you really don’t need to go out of your way to see it. Join me next time for a bit of a controversial take as I look at why I don’t like a certain movie as much as others…


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