(0:36-end mark from the theme from the final season of American Gladiators original run play the camera moves back to see James on top of the slab with the words “The Last Of The Americans” on it then cutting to The Last Of The Americans)

TLOTA: I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views that I’m about to express are that of my own and some of yours. Larry David is a friggin’ comedic GENIUS! (“Frolic” by Luciano Michelini plays as images of Larry David are shown and James does a voiceover)

TLOTA (Voiceover): And it feels like it’s been that way forever from his days on the short lived “Fridays” to his work on Saturday Night Live as of late. But what is it about him that makes him entertaining? (Cut to James physically)

TLOTA: Well we’ll get to the bottom of the that as we countdown ten of Larry David’s best performances. So kick back and think long and hard about the humor of the mundane. This is the Top 10 Funniest Larry David performances.

What are ten moments that made me laugh with Larry David? Find out here

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