My favorite sitcom of all time is The Golden Girls. And a large part of it is the characters, the core four ladies of Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche show that even you might be in your golden years, that doesn’t mean that you have stop living.
While watching this episode and seeing Granny Smith with her, The Gold Horseshoe Gals, it’s hard not to think of The Golden Girls. Now, I can’t find any confirmation that this episode was indeed influenced by this great sitcom but it does feel like it.  You know there is something rather apt for this review.
The My Little Pony: The Movie soundtrack had a cover of Thank You for Being a Friend, which was used as the theme song for my favorite sitcom.  Thankfully unlike the last episode that we looked at Dash does come off in a better light, if anyone comes off looking bad, it’s Applejack. Even though, she isn’t much of a character in the episode. Rather, she serves as Dash’s conscience. Though I’m not going to bring her up in characters
This is another episode where the characters are more important than the plot. Which is something that I will touch upon as there is truly no need for a scene by scene breakdown of the episode. With that out of the way, let’s begin.
The Plot
This episode opens at the Wonderbolts Training Academy with Dash learning about the most awesome roller coaster in Las Pegasus.  I don’t believe that I’ve touched upon Las Pegasus in any of my reviews up to this point partly because this is the first character retrospective to reach an episode that takes place. Las Pegasus as you can observe from the name is a Pony version of Las Vegas a la Manehattan.
Now, what’s interesting is that even though this location wasn’t introduced until season six, this episode highlights that the Hold Horseshoe Gals had been going there for years. I at first thought this was a continuity hiccup because I mistook the hotel as being owned by Flim and Flam when the location first debuted but that’s not the case at all. They didn’t own it until the end of that episode along with the aid of AJ and Fluttershy.
Anyways, moving beyond that, Dash gets to AJ and explains that Granny Smith and her friends go on an annual trip to Las Pegasus every year. Big Mac usually chaperons but would love a break and this is when Dash volunteers instead. And this is when we are introduced to The Gold Horseshoe Gals.
Dash is given a list that is rather restrictive in what the ladies can and cannot do such as they should only have soup or jello. This is seen at one point when Granny Smith tries to eat nachos and Dash stops that. Rude much.
One of the biggest factors that pop up is the gals get to be a part of a magic show and well, the act is for him to escape from a tank full of water. Dash gets nervous and knocks the tank over.  This is where I wanna bring up AJ. As I mentioned AJ kind of acts as Dash’s conscience. In that Dash is trying to be responsible and remember what her friend told her and protect the ladies. However, where this fails is that how Dash is looking after the gals is coddling and not letting them live their lives because Dash has fear put into her by what AJ told her.
This is where my issue comes in as Dash learns that older people can live and still have fun but feel like there should’ve been an epilogue scene with AJ and Granny Smith where Granny Smith says that while she understands her granddaughter’s concerns, she doesn’t need to be coddled.  There is a hint of this when Dash reveals that AJ told the rules to follow with the character of Auntie Applesauce.

Applejack put you up to this?

There’s a note of disbelief and annoyance that Applejack would do this.  They come to an understanding and get Dash on the rollercoaster and even sit upfront and on the way home, Dash is made an honorary Gold Horseshoe Gal.

This is a good episode with a great lesson. And yeah part of the reason I like it is that it’s basically a pony version of The Golden Girls but those are two things I like and if it works, it works.


Rainbow Dash voiced by Ashleigh Ball

This was a good episode for Dash as she was truly trying to do her best to follow the rules that AJ had set up for her to follow. Sure, she may have gone overboard a bit but that’s just who Dash is, hen she goes in. She goes all in.

The Gold Horseshoe Gals voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, Peter New, Marcy Goldberg, &

Shirley Millner


The Gold Horseshoe Gals are great characters and there are notes of the Golden Girls in them with Granny Smith being like the Sophia of the group.  And heck, one of the characters is even named Apple Rose.  Sure, that could be a stretch but come on. Sure, we’ve seen her before but Rose Nylun is a beloved character from The Golden Girls and we even see one of the Gals be sweet on the bellhop in a child-friendly manner that is reminiscent of Blanche.

My Final Thoughts
This is a decent episode that I really like and is a nice light after yesterday’s and before going into tomorrow’s as that’s gonna be more painful. Join me next time as we look at
Non-Compete Clause


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