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Back by popular demand! Fourth time’s the charm and this year’s no different. Join Jaimetud and his brood for another round of annual, hokey, Halloweenie, haunts!

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I wanna thank everyone who participated this year for their contributions. Everyone brought something unique to the table that was truly and totally them. You can check out the channels and websites of everyone else who participated here!

Stevie Swigart AKA MC Swigga:

Cody Slusher AKA The Critical Kid:

Cody “CK” Kitts:

Gus Webb AKA The Nostalgia Kid:

Morgan Leger of “Vaulting”:

Charles Thomas AKA DukeCT:

Cody Kluesner AKA The Movie Venturer:

Taylor Wyatt AKA Whyboy of “Toongrin”:

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