It’s high time for Jaimetud to take on Illumination’s “Grinch” vehicle with Benedict Cumberbatch as the most nasal sounding Grinch to date. Could this be the lowest bar achievable for Doctor Seuss adaptations, or will Jaimetud find something to actually save his Christmas spirit this season? Find out!

The opening handdrawn animation bit for the title card was done by the ever talented MtfoxX3. If you would like to request animations of your own, feel free to hit them up on Twitter at:

A lot of awesome people helped out with this episode! You can check them out at their channels below!

Morgan Leger of “Vaulting”:

The Nostalgia Kid:

The Movie Venturer:

Brandon “The Bambi Man” Croker


Cody CK Kitts:

The Critical Kid:

Daniel Plaza:

James Faraci:

Joshua Orro:

Justin Wilton:

Keegan Desciak:



Have yourselves a Merry Christmas!

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