Hey guys! Gerawallstar here, and I am here to review the 43rd Walt Disney Animated film called Treasure Planet, which was released in 2002. When this film was released, it was a box office bomb and it received mixed reviews by critics. This was a failure that it caused Disney to put an end to 2D animation. In my opinion, this is a good movie. But it is sadly not a favorite of mine.
The story takes is a retelling of Treasure Island where it is about Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver search for treasure. I have a mixed response for the story. Dont get me wrong: there are a lot of good things in the story, as well as some heavy hitting emotional moments. But the issue I have with this story is that its about Treasure Island, and the setting where the story takes place in space and the future is very distracting. They have cool ideas, but the choices they make while telling the story puts it off for being good. Like why do they have futuristic technology in the 1800s where the actual story takes place, and why do they have actual ships, and not real spaceships? How can they even breathe without helmets in space? These things together don’t make any sense. Another flaw I have with the story is the comedy. Why on earth are they relying so desperately hard on humor? It’s not all that funny. In fact most of it is juvenile. What I like about the story is that I loved how they handle the emotional scenes like the relationship between Jim and Long John Silver. The climax is great, and the action scenes are a lot of fun. The story has interesting ideas and well done emotional moments, but the humor and the setting being the story down a lot. I give the story five stars.
The animation is beautiful, but it is also too dated. I love the backgrounds. They look amazing. The characters designs are cool looking as well. Unfortunately the CGI animation is a big con. They used a lot of the Deep Canvas technology utilizing the Cg aesthetics of the movie. Sure it may looked kinda cool back in 2002, But the CGI is dated with most of the objects like the ships look more like plastic Ship Toys. I will say this: I loved the CG animation of Long John Silver’s hand. That looks cool. I give the animation seven stars:
The characters are great, and they make this movie a blast. But there are some characters that are obnoxious. Jim Hawkins may be your typical rebellious teenager but I find him to be very relatable. Hes rebellious because he’s struggling to adapt because his father left him. There are moments in the move where I feel very bad for him. Long John Silver is a interesting anti-hero, because while his motivation is to get the treasure, he does a good job being a father figure to Jim. I love the moments between these two in the movie. Captain Amelia is a wonderful character. I loved her leadership role, intelligence, and I loved how Strong she is as a captain. Morph is a cute character. His interactions with the other characters makes him adorable. Dopper is not that interesting. He can be annoying and he is unfunny. B.E.N. however, is VERY annoying. He is loud, rude and obnoxious. I know he is not in the movie that long, but every time he is on screen, I just wanted to tell “Shut Up!” when he is there. These characters are great, while some characters are lacking. I give the characters eight stars.
Treasure Planet is a good movie, but not the underrated masterpiece as everyone says it is. It has it’s great moments of the relationship between Jim and Long John Silver, decent animation, and well rounded characters, but the setting, humor and most annoying characters do hurt this film a little from being the greatest Disney film ever made. It definitely did NOT deserved to bomb though to justify eliminating 2D animation. I give this film 7 stars out of 10.

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