(Scene begins with a black background with the John Carpenter “Halloween” Theme intercut with the 1994 “American Gladiators” theme, cut to a Pumpkin with James’ pose carved into it taking up the left side with two thirds of the black background with the same text as in the Halloween movies as the words “The Last Of The Americans” appear for two seconds then the credits of “James Faraci”, “Paulo Fonseca”, “Rebecca Yaun”, “Nick Yaun”, “Brenda Fonseca”, “John Ross & Mike Santos”, “Renee Miller”, “Andrew Beach”, “Ed Champion”, “Eric Kurtzke” & “Olivia Horvath”. “Written & Directed by James Faraci”, “Edited by Eric Kurtzke”, “Produced by First Choice Productions” as the Jack O Lantern splits open to see James’ head. The camera holds on James’ head for five seconds before pulling back to see James Faraci The Last Of The Americans in Halloween mode in his room)

I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and seriously 2020 has been enough of a horror movie, should I even review one? Well, I guess after everything that has happened, a little fake horror is better than the decaquadrillion real horrors we have had to deal with this year. So let’s check out something that just screams 2020 and directed by someone that screams the subtlety of 2020. (Cut to an image of Rob Zombie as he holds a copy of both of his “Halloween” movies. Cut to James physically as he says “Perfect”.)

Will this Rob Zombie movie duo sum up the Subtlety of 2020? Find out here

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