1 thought on “James Talks DVDs – The Three Stooges: The Complete Series

  1. My uncle used to have a huge collection of VHS tapes with all the Three Stooges shorts some networks would show early on the weekends. That was my introduction to the team, and I fully agree that it was comedic genius. After Shemp died, though, everything started to fall apart; they really should have just ended the act there. They never showed any of Joe Besser’s shorts (or any of the racist WWII shorts, thankfully), though they did air quite a few of the “fake Shemp” shorts, and while I didn’t think they were odd when I was a kid, watching them now just seems really jarring. Don’t know if I’ll ever get this collection, but it’s good to know that the full series is available for fans.

    No need to feel bad about not getting Shemp; his style is an acquired taste.

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