Last year, I covered a list of albums that are perfect to listen to during the Halloween Season. Seeing as there are still a great many albums that are also perfect for the holiday, I decided to share some more choices that fitting along side the previous picks perfectly for this time of the year.

The Haxan Cloak – Excavation

If you like the modern Nine Inch Nails sound, then this album will be right up your alley. Haxan Cloak specializes in Dark Ambient, Experimental and Drone sounds by utilizing electronic instrumentation to create a dark and foreboding atmosphere that captures its audience right away and is something that should heard in its entirety upon listening instead of select songs. If you’re going for something to capture the mood of the holiday, this would be one of the best options.


King Diamond – Abigail

Much like Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, King Diamond is an easy choice for the Halloween Season. His albums are all revolve around concepts involving haunted houses, insanity, witches, killers, fear of spiders and many other subjects that are perfect to listen to during this time of year. While all of them are great for the season, the most recommended would easily be his second album “Abigail”. You’ll be in for a good time with this one.


Ghost – Opus Eponymous

For the more modern Metal fans among them, Ghost is a good choice for people who seek something more Rock-oriented in your party that’s not the traditional stuff you would receive. It has an 80’s atmosphere while carrying satanic lyrics that definitely will help liven up any Halloween party that you’d have or attend.


Diamanda Galas – Litanies of Satan

…If that title doesn’t tip you off, I don’t know what will. It’s avant-garde and experimental that is perfect for the holiday. Not much else is needed to say here.


Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House – Walt Disney Records


It’s a bit surprising to know that an album that consists of nothing but Haunted House sound effects can be so popular. I’ve seen it popped up on a lot of people’s lists outside of Halloween mentioning on how it’s a great album that they’ve heard throughout the years. So, it seems fairly obvious to include it on a list like this. Whether or not you pick the original 1964 edition with the narration or the 1979 extended edition without it is up to you, but it still an easy choice for the holiday.


Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses

While Type O Negative maybe written off as a typical Metal band, what sets them apart is their gothic sound and doom oriented lyrics that have them sounding more like if The Cure was a Metal band (Not to mention Peter Steele’s incredibly deep voice is a bonus factor). Out of the group’s seven albums, the best choice for the holiday, and also their most popular album, is Bloody Kisses. It’s easily perfect for the mood and is a great introduction to the band.


Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley

In terms of something modern for Halloween, this French synthwave artist is definitely one to draw your attention. This album is a perfect choice if you decide to throw a Halloween themed dance party that contains plenty of help from the musician’s work in the Black Metal scene that makes it one hell of a listening experience regardless of what album of his you listen to (I picked this one though since it’s my personal favorite of his).


Black Widow – Sacrifice

Shortly after the release of Black Sabbath’s debut in 1970, the English band Black Widow came out with an that joined the ranks of music influences by the darker themes of religion, Satanism and Occultism that would shape the Metal scene for years to come. While it’s not as guitar oriented as Sabbath, Black Widow carried a prog-rock sound that that gave the album a psychedelic tone that still carries the same lyrics of Sabbath that make it sound more groovy than dark and evil.


Coil – Music to Play In the Dark Vol. 1

Much like the Haxan Cloak entry on this list, this album goes for atmosphere and uses of the senses to capture its audience to help convey the imagery of being alone that will be a much wanted change of pace for listeners in the holiday for something to catch you off guard and envelop you in the strange electronic world it creates.


Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep

You wouldn’t think that Hip Hop would be fitting for the Halloween festivities, but this group definitely changed that idea. Having Prince Paul and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA on board, their debut album captures the atmosphere of horror movies and ominous effects that can be a bit silly at times but is still a pretty influential album that is a good choice if you’re not interested in the traditional Metal and Rock oriented music of the holiday.


The Black Belles – The Black Belles

While it may be their only album so far, they definitely made a name for themselves with their music and a little help from Jack White. The band’s 1960’s Garage Rock sound that adds in a spooky element to it that easily matches their goth look and is a pretty fitting album for this time of the year for the modern crowd.


Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York – Danse Macabre 

A pretty obvious but good choice of Classical music that works for the holiday easily. Danse Macabre stands as being one of the best options for classical pieces for the Halloween music as it deals with the French superstition of the universality of death (the only other option I can think of for the holiday is “Night On Bald Mountain”). While there is a great many recordings of the piece, this one that I’m the most familiar with (being that I have the record) so any version you can find will be fitting for the season.


Danny Elfman – Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Another incredibly easy choice for the season so it’s not surprise that it would be on this list (I don’t remember putting it on the last one). Pretty much everybody in the world can agree that it would work for not only Halloween but for Christmas as well so you’ll have something that can be used on both occasions regardless of when you use it.

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